Conifers, Bamboo, Climbers

The Quirky Bird says:

Conifers and Bamboos are some of those groups of plants that alternates between being fashionable or not. Whatever the fashion they provide valuable evergreen colour and structure to the garden. Climbers add vertical interest and with careful choosing provide interest through the year.

Plants are available  from 1 litre up to 5 litre pots. They can be planted at any time of year as long as the ground isn’t frozen or water logged. In summer water plants regularly until established.

Below is our current list of conifers, bamboos and climbers in stock. There will be variations as plants sell out or propagation is not successful, please use this as a guide and not a definative list. It is imposible to keep it updated all the time through the year along side all the other nursery work that needs done.  With nearly 100 new additions across the whole plant list hopefully you will find something for your own garden. There are other pot sizes available for some of them and some plants are not listed as we have limited numbers. If you are looking for something not on the list, please get in touch.

I will be adding more in the spring once I know what other plants we will have available.



Cedrus deodara

One of my favourite trees with soft, pendulous branches, clothed in green needle like foliage and a height of around 5m when fully grown and therefore a really good garden tree.

It combines well with perennials, shrubs and other evergreens and enjoys moist, well drained soil and sun or light shade.                      

5L pot                           £49.95


Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana Gracilis'

A slow-growing evergreen conifer making a medium-sized plant conical in habit. Featuring irregularly short, concave sprays with glossy dark green foliage. H 2m, S 1m.                 3L pot                                   £14.95

Chamaecyparis Pisifera 'Boulevard'

This is an attractive, semi-dwarf, evergreen conifer with a dense, upright and broadly pyramidal growth habit. Soft, silvery blue-green awl-shaped leaves which are not prickly but curve nicely to a fine point along the compact branches. H 4m, S 3m.                                 10L pot                 £19.95


Cryptomeria japonica 'Elegans'

Deceptivly soft, feathery foliage which is green in summer and then turns bronze in winter. Ideal in a mixed border in sun.

H 6m in 20 years, S 3m.                    3L pot                                   £17.95

Cryptomeria Japonica Elegans Viridis

A bushy, dense coniferous tree of conical habit with soft, feathery, almost glowing pale green juvenile foliage. This is retained throughout the tree's life. H 10m, S 1m.                   3L pot                                   £14.95

Cryptomeria japonica 'Sekkan-Sugi'

The young foliage of this Japanese cedar is creamy yellow and the tips of the stems are slightly weeping, giving a graceful shape. Eventually forming a small to medium sized pyramidal tree with fibrous, reddish brown bark, it is happiest when grown in a sheltered spot with some protection from scorching sun and cold winds. H 10m, S 4m.                   3L pot                                   £14.95

Cryptomeria japonica 'yokohama'

A slow growing, bun-shaped conifer with compact green foliage that turns bronze in winter. Ideal for small gardens, tubs and troughs.

H 40cm, S 40cm.                    2L pot           £13.95


Juniperus communis

A cosy home for wildlife and a gin-drinker’s delight, the juniper is a much-loved evergreen that brightens up the winter months. An evergreen conifer that can live for up to 200 years, its bark is grey-brown and peels with age, and its twigs are reddish brown. The needles have a single pale band on the upper surface and are grey-green beneath. They are found in threes around the ridged twigs.

The female cones look like blueberries. H 10m.                     3L pot           £15.95

Juniperus communus 'Schneverdingen Goldmachangel'

A loose structure formoing a irregular columnar shape with slightly hanging ends of the shoots with golden-yellow coloration of the needles. Over time, especially in winter, they turn a little green. A very good choice for both shape and color combinations. Due to its color, it is best to plant it in a sunny position. H 3m, S 1m.                     2L pot           £15.95

Juniperus scopulorum 'Skyrocket'

A narrowly columnar juniper with grey-blue foliage. Making a striking feature when planted in pairs on either side of stairways, paths, entrances or are a double row along a path. H 6m, S 75m..                   3L pot                                   £14.95

Juniperus squamata ‘Blue Carpet’ AGM

A robust, very effective, steely blue ground-cover conifer. The evergreen foliage turns bronzy grey in winter.

H 30cm, S 2 to 3 m over 10 years.                                 3L pot                  £14.95

Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star'

A small dwarf conifer that eventually forms a mound of bright steely blue foliage all year round. Ideal for pots or small gardens.

H 50cm, S 50cm.           1L pot       £7.00                                   3L pot                  £14.95


Picea glauca 'Conica'

A very slow growing Alberta spruce with bright green foliage which grows in a perfect conical shape. Perfect structure in the garden as a specimen or in a border. H 2m, S 1m.                                  5L pot                  £16.95

Picea glauca 'Echiniformis'

A slow-growing conifer making a dwarf plant with a dense, squat, rounded habit. Slender grey-green needles.

H50cm, S 50cm.                                 3L pot                  £14,95

Picea glauca 'Sanders Blue'

A slow growing dwarf spruce with silvery pale blue foliage particularly on the new shoots.Dwarf conical habit and very good in containers. Quite rare and hard to find. Grows in most soils and situations.H 60-75cm, S 30cm                                  3L pot                  £14.95


Sequoiadendron giganteum

A very large and long-lived evergreen tree. As a young tree it, has a densely branched, conical habit. As the tree matures, the branches are more widely spread and conspicuously downswept. It has sharp, blueish-green, awl-shaped leaves. Upright cones appear after flowering and when ripe, the reddish-brown cones (5-8cm) hang down. Ideally suited to being planted as a specimen in a large park or garden. H 100m                   2L pot           £15.95


Taxodium distichum AGM

Swamp cypress has a conical habit, shallow, fissured, pale-brown bark and pale-green foliage that turns rich, dark orange and brown through autumn. Enjoys moist soil.  To 40m.                     2L pot           £15.95


Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata Aureomarginata'

A large, compact plant, columnar when young, later broadly columnar, the erect shoots with spreading, yellow-margined leaves. Makes a good pillar shaped plant for more structural formal plantings. H3m, S 2.5m.                      3L pot                     £17.95


Thuja occidentalis 'Tiny Tim'

A very slow growing dwarf conifer eventually forming a globe with soft, feathery evergreen foliage. This is emerald green and tightly packed and can be trimmed lightly to give a more formal appearance. An excellent structural plant for the small garden that will never outgrow its space. Plant in full sun or partial shade at the front of beds and borders. Good for raised beds, rock and gravel gardens, also pots and containers. H 100cm, S 100cm.                               3L pot                  £14.95

Thuja occidentalis 'Zmatlik'

A slow growing, narrow columnar plant with thick ruffled, dark green foliage. Winter brings a coat of rich plum purple.

H 150cm.                            5L pot                  £16.95



Fargesia ‘Black Pearl’

A great clumping bamboo with dense foliage and almost black canes. This quick growing bamboo will produce number of new shoots each year.

H 4m.                    2L pot           £17.95


Phyllostachys aureosulcata f. aureocaulis

Attractive, large, evergreen bamboo with running rhizomes, although in cool temperate climates may initially behave like clump-forming genera. Canes grooved on alternate sides between the nodes, with usually two leafy branches at each node This bamboo has pale, golden-yellow canes, reddish when young, sometimes striped with green near the base, bearing lance-shaped mid-green leaves. H5m                  5L pot                   £59.95

Climber and Wall Plants


Actinidia kolomikta AGM

Lovely deciduous twining climber with green-bronzed leaves that look as though they have been dipped in pale pink and white paint. Needs a sheltered position in sun or light shade and takes time to establish but eventually attaining 5m.                3L pot          £14.95


Chaenomeles speciosa ‘Nivalis’

The seldom-seen white-flowering quince is an old, vigorous cultivar dating from the late 1800s and has beautiful, pure flowers that are very effective on a north wall. These are followed by the usual golden-yellow fruits in sun or shade. H 3m, S 3m..                 3L pot          £15.95

Chaenomeles × superba 'Knap Hill Scarlet'

A lovely cultivar with large cup-shaped scarlet flowers and golden yellow anthers from early spring into summer. Green inedible fruits ripening to golden yellow follow these. Good on a north wall. H 1.5m, S 2m.                3L pot          £15.95

Chaenomeles x superba ‘Pink Lady’ AGM

A low-growing plant with bright candy-pink flowers that are an arresting, almost unexpected colour to see on the plant in spring in sun or light shade. H 1.5m, S 2m.                     3L pot          £13.95


Clematis montana 'Elizabeth'

Sweetly scented pale pink flowers appear in April and May. Quickly growing variety, ideal for covering unsightly buildings in the garden. Can be pruned to keep in a smaller place. H 4m, S 3m.              3L pot          £14.95

Clematis montana 'Grandiflora'

A very vigorous large deciduous climber with trifoliate leaves and single pure white flowers from late spring to early summer with occasional later flowers. H12m, S4m.             3L pot          £14.95

Clematis montana var. Wilsonii

One of my favourite Clematis with pure white flowers tinged with green. It makes a great covering for screens and sheds, but it’s best feature in my opinion is that the fowers are chocolate scented! Flowers in May and June.  Grows to 6 - 9m.                 3L pot          £14.95

Clematis 'Nelly Moser'

A medium-sized deciduous climber. Large single flattish flowers to 20cm in width, with eight rosy-lilac sepals, each with a distinctive carmine stripe and reddish stamens. Large globular seedheads follow. Flowers in late spring to early summer and early autumn. Flower colour fades in strong sun.

H 2m.             3L pot          £14.95

Clematis ‘Rouge Cardinal’

A lovely Clematis with single, velvety crimson flowers to 15cm across with creamy-white filaments and red-brown anthers, opening from early-mid summer to early autumn. Perfect for growing through contrasting climbing roses. Sun or partial shade. H 2.5m.           3L pot          £14.95

Clematis tangutica

Cheerful, yellow, lantern-shaped flowers with fleshy lemon peel-like petals appear from July to October followed by highly decorative, fluffy seed heads. This vigorous, late-flowering clematis looks lovely cascading over a sunny wall, pergola or arch. Where space is limited prune hard in February - left unpruned it can become a very large plant. In early spring cut back the previous year's stems to a pair of strong buds about 15-20cm (6-8in) above ground-level.

H 4.5m, S 3m.              3L pot          £14.95

Clematis vitalba

“Old Mans Beard” The well-known, native wild clematis with faintly almond-scented, greenish-white flowers, followed by tufted balls of feathery seed heads, very conspicuous in winter. Great for growing through hedges or up old trees. H15m.                   1L pot          £6.00


Hedera colchica 'Dentata Variegata'

A vigorous, self-clinging large evergreen ivy with large, leathery ovate leaves with a broad, creamy-white margin, yellowish-cream on young leaves. Great for covering unsightly things in the garden. H 6m, S 4m.                  2L pot          £13.95

Hedera colchica 'Sulphur Heart'

A vigorous, self-clinging large ivy with broadly ovate leaves to 20cm in length. Dark green with a central splash of yellow makes this a striking plant for covering walls, fences, buildings or ground cover. H7m, S3m.                  2L pot          £13.95

Hedera helix 'Anita'

A miniature Bird foot ivy which is suitable for small topiary work. The small green leaves are heavily serated around the edges. Ideal for pots and containers. H 15cm.                    1L pot          £7.00

Hedera helix ‘Buttercup’

Neat, slow growing Ivy with bright golden yellow foliage that excels in full sun, light green in shade and so is invaluable as a well behaved self-clinging climber that works well with a range of more sombre evergreen shrubs and a range of grasses and perennials. H 2.5m.                    1L pot          £7.00

Hedera helix 'Fantasia'

This smalled leaved ivy has white and green speckled leaves with conspicuous white markings on the main veins. Great on a fence or trellis or overflowing from a tall container. H1.2m                    1L pot          £7.00

Hedera helix 'Glacier'

A large evergreen, the shallow-lobed leaves grey-green, with a narrow, irregular cream edge. Great on a fence or trellis or overflowing from a tall container. H1.2m.                   1L pot          £7.00

Hedera helix 'Goldchild'

A small-sized evergreen climber with light green young leaveswithbright yellow margines. The older leaves turn grey-green, edged with pale yellow. Great for fences. H1m, S50cm.                     3L pot          £14.95

Hedera helix 'Minima'

Although it makes an eye-catching ground cover plant, this ivy will also climb. It is a tough wee plant which enjoys shady areas and is suitable for gardens with limited space or in containers and alpine troughs. H 15cm, S 30cm.                     2L pot          £13.95

Hedera hibirnica 'Rona'

How exciting to have a plant with the same name as me, and the same more unusual spelling of Rona too! A medium sized, wide classic lobed ivy leaf, the young growth is marbled cream and green, taking on purple tinges in winter. Excellent as an evergreen climber or as ground cover. I grew this very successfully as ground cover on the edge of a patio on top of a drystone dyke in very poor soil in my last garden.

H 4m.                    2L pot          £13.95


Humulus lupulus

Vigorous twining climber with pale green hops from late summer into autumn. Plants grow vigerously in one season before dying away completely in winter only to reappear the following spring. Requires sun or light shade and shelter. Invaluable for scrambling up through mature shrubs and over fences.

H 6m.                    2L pot          £13.95

Humulus lupulus ‘Aureus’ AGM

Vigorous twining climber that can attain great height in a single season before dying away completely in winter only to reappear the following spring. This variety has bright golden leaves right through summer, very striking. Requires sun or light shade and shelter. Invaluable for scrambling up through mature shrubs and over fences. H 6m.                    3L pot          £15.95


Lonicera periclymenum ‘Belgica’

Early honeysuckle, flowering in May and June and repeating later with pale-pink, cream and golden-yellow, sweetly-scented flowers. Allow to twine around an old tree or over an archway. Best in partial shade and moist, humus-rich soil. Can be cut back hard to promote new growth.

H 5m.                  3L pot          £14.95

Lonicera periclymenum ‘Graham Thomas’ AGM

A large, twining, deciduous climber with oval, dark-green leaves and terminal clusters of fragrant, white and golden-yellow flowers over a long period, followed by translucent red berries.

To 8m in moist soil and partial shade – allow to scramble through an old tree or over a shady fence for the best results.                  3L pot          £14.95

Lonicera periclymenum ‘Serotina’ AGM

This usefully late honeysuckle produces highly fragrant flowers from July to October.  The tubular flowers are an intense red outside and pale-yellow inside.  This vigorous, twining climber, to 7m, will produce red berries in a good summer.                  3L pot          £14.95


Parthenocissus tricuspidata ‘Robusta’ AGM

Shallow-lobed leaves turning fiery crimson and purple in autumn. Inconspicuous flowers and dull blue berries. 12+m.

Stunning on a north or east wall.                 3L pot          £14.95


Pyracantha 'Golden Charmer'

A vigorous, dense evergreen shrub with glossy foliage and sprays of white flowers in early summer, followed by bright orange berries; resistant to pyracantha scab. H3m, S3m.                3L pot          £14.95


Wisteria sinensis

Long drooping racemes of very fragrant, pea-like clear blue flowers in spring with stems that unusually, twine anti-clockwise and beautiful pinnate leaves. The blue flowers show up well on a silvery Oak pergola. 20m or more or less with regular pruning.               3L pot          £14.95