Nursery Shop

As well as plants we also sell other items that fit in with our vision of  Quercus: Recycled, vintage, natural and quirky.

All these items are available in the nursery and will vary depending on availability.  We love visiting antique shops and reclamation yards to find interesting items to use in the nursery or to plant up and sell and in doing so giving customers ideas to use in their own garden that are not expensive and easy to do. We also sell small garden gifts and items which you can see on the page here.

In summer we also stock outdoor pots, compost, garden sundries. and gifts. Items will also vary through the seasons with bulbs for planting in autumn.

Gift Vouchers

Quercus Garden Plants Gift Vouchers can be spent in the nursery on plants and items in our wee shop. Vouchers can be purchased from £5 upwards.

If you require a voucher to be posted out, postage is free.

Gift Voucher


The items below are available from the nursery when we are open or by arranging to collect from the nursery when we are closed over winter.

Old style dutch pots large, 20x20x16cm green £19.95

Old style dutch pots large, 20x20x16cm teal £19.95

Old style dutch pots large, 20x20x16cm blue £19.95

Old style dutch pots small, 14x14x12 cm green £9.95

Old style dutch pots small, 14x14x12cm teal £9.95

Old style dutch pots small, 14x14x12cm blue £9.95

Recycled glass leaf vase 8 x 7cm £7.95

Recycled glass blue vase 1x 6cm£9.95

Recycled glass green vase 13 x 12cm £9.95

String dispenser £18.95

Set 4 Stoneware herb labels, 15cm long, £14.95

All contents  and photographs ©  Rona Dodds, unauthorised reproduction & use of these images is strictly forbidden

Teardrop flower vase, £25.00, 27cm, recycled glass

Square terracotta pots  £15..95, £12.95 , £9.95

Aged rabbits £19.95

Aged dove £24.95

Soap  lemon, lavander, strawberry £3.50

Insect hotel £25.00

Willow Fedge weaving Workshop

Learn about weaving our willow fedge and try a section yourself under Rona's guidance. This 2 hour workshop will run from 1pm to 3pm and costs £35 per person and is restricted to 4 places.  Please bring secateurs and wrap up warm. It will be weather dependant so the date may change.

Saturday 13th January 2024, 1pm to 3pm

Willow Weaving Workshop 2024


Border Design Workshop

This workshop will cover the basics of planning and designing a border in your garden, including solving planting problems in your own garden so you can the most from your outdoor space. Bring photographs of the area you want to re-design. This event will cost £40 per person and is restricted to 4 places.

Saturday 14th Septembr 2024, 1pm to 4pm

Border design Workshop 2024


Bunch of metal Cheese plant leaves £9.95

Bunch of metal leaves £9.95

Rice straw hand brush £9.95

Metal Ginkgo wreath £35.00

Plant supports £14.95

Wooden dibber, 26cm £14.95

Rusty fern £8.95

Rusty sign £22.95

Hand brushes £6.95

String line large £18.95 small £10.95

Black and cinnamon ball twine £4.95

Nutscene rafia £3.00

Nutscene mini spools £1.50

Wee shop wee stuff

Zinc trough W10 x L56cm £26.95

Seed cards £3.95  - Eco-Friendly Sustainable Seed Card Greeting Cards and Stationery, Eco-Friendly made of Seed Card,  Send. Plant. Grow,  Greetings Cards with Vegan-Friendly ink,.  All Recyclable

Sold out

Oval gardeners hamper in a metal basket  21 x 14cm with woooden handle with wooden hamd brush  £25.00

Rectangle  gardeners hamper in a metal basket  21 x 14cm with woooden handle with wooden dibber  £25.00

Round gardeners hamper in a metal basket  21 x 14cm with woooden handle with wooden  hand brush  £25.00

Square gardeners hamper in a metal basket  21 x 14cm with woooden handle with garden line £25.00

Heritage mini ballls twine  £2.95

Dual twine£10.00

Zinc tubs, Large £15.95, small £10.95

Wire cloche with bird. Large £15895, small £12.95

Zinc balcony pot  £12.95

Bird dish antique green £14.95

Metal verdigris Ferns £19.95

Blue smoked ceramic artichoke £29.95

Set terracotta square pots  £18.95 £14.95 £9.95

Ribbed grey planter, 24 x 14cm, £22.95

Bulb bowl, £24.95

Metal heart bird feeder £12.95

Spiral metal supports  £14.95

Metal hanging bird feeder £10.95

Cast iron lizard and frog £5.95

Cast iron oak bird feeder 19.99

Cast iron bird £5.95

Cast iron bird feeder 1 bird £19.99 / 2 birds £25.95

Cast iron animals, each  £5.95

3 aged terracotta pots in basket £15.95

Aged terracotta pots in basket £5.95

Mesh Old Gold Lantern 15x 19cm £23.95

Bird nesters, £19.95

Purchasing Fair Trade product helps both wildlife and people. In addition to giving a bird a nest, you’ll be supporting the Artisan workers in Southern Bangladesh who make them. Funding the survival of many women and their families from rural communities in desperate poverty.

Handmade to the highest quality finish using natural hogla grass and recycled saris.

Ladybird towers, £18.95

Each tower is cleverly constructed to provide a hollow central chamber filled with straw to provide insulation and security for beneficial insects. Access to the central chamber is provided by paths drilled through the sides of the log. The apex roof protects the central chamber.

The ladybird tower comes with a ground pole (fixed at the rear for transport). The ladybird tower can be sited on lawns, sheltered flower beds, wooded glades or even in planters.