Shade Plants and Ferns

Below is our current list of shade plants and ferns in stock, by no means a difinative list, it covers most of what we hold in stock, there are always new shade plants coming out of. Propagation through the year. There will be variations as plants sell out or propagation is not successful, please use this as a guide and not a definative list. It is imposible to keep it updated all the time through the year along side all the other nursery work that needs done.  There are other pot sizes available for some of them and some plants are not listed as we have limited numbers. If you are looking for something not on the list, please get in touch.


Although highly toxic (gloves should be worn when handling), these superb plants are invaluable in light to full shade. Generally preferring moist, humus-rich soil, they will tolerate quite a bit of dryness once established. Extremely poisonous

Aconitum x bicolor AGM

A super plant with eye-catching white flowers edged violet-blue, on a branched plant from early to mid-summer.

H100 – 150cm, S 50cm.                     2L pot             £9.00

Aconitum carmichaelii ‘Arendsii’ AGM       

An autumn-flowering monkshood to with stiff, dense spikes of deep rich-blue flowers in September and October. A plant well worthy of a spot in the garden where its vivid blue spires add colour right into late autumn. Our plants in the nursery do very well in a dry, shady, north facing border. Tends not to collapse and provides some winter interest. H 1.2m, S 45cm.                    2L pot              £9.00        

Aconitum japonicum

Plants are cloaked in finely divided foliage with flowers atop the stems of gorgeous hooded blue flowers in late summer. Completely resistant to deer as all parts of the plant are poisonous if eaten. Grows best in part/open shade in moist, well-drained soil.

H 100cm, S 60cm.                                         2L pot             £9.00

Aconitum ‘Spark’s Variety’

Navy blue buds held on wide airy spires open in late summer to reveal dark midnight-blue hooded flowers. Stems are lightly clad with dark-green, deeply-cut leaves. H 90-120 cm, S 45cm.                                                2L pot             £9.00            



Aegopodium podagraria ‘Variegatum’       

Yes, the beautiful, variegated ground elder! Thrives in shade and makes VERY effective ground cover that never turns brown or dries out. Excellent in the leaf litter below a beech hedge, where its sage-green leaves, edged cream, are very effective at lightening up the gloom. See it at Giverny, and if it’s good enough for Monet, it’s good enough for me! H 25cm, S 90cm.                    2L pot          £9.00


Ajuga reptans ‘Catlin’s Giant’ AGM  

One of the best Ajugas with large, evergreen, bronzed-purple leaves and short, robust spikes of purple-blue flowers in May and June. Useful bee plant and excellent ground cover for moist soil in partial shade. Good with dwarf box hedging and stone paving. H35cm.                    9cm  pot            £3.50

Ajuga reptans 'Valfredda'

This unique variety of ajuga has relatively small, narrow leaves that weave a tight mat of foliage. Depending on the amount of sunlight they receive, the leaves are a mix of rich chocolate-purple and green (deeper colour in more sun). From mid to late spring, short spikes of light blue flowers stand upright above the low, spreading foliage. The effect is stunning when planted en-masse. Its petite size makes this variety suitable for planting between stepping stones, in wall crevices, or in other small spaces. It is also useful for erosion control on slopes.

H 10cm, S 60cm.                    9cm pot               £3.50



Alchemilla alpine

This is a native wild flower for the rockery with decorative foliage that is grey-green above and silver hairy beneath. Bearing delicate sprays of small, greenish-yellow flowers in summer. H 20cm, S 30cm.                    9cm pot          £4.00  

Alchemilla vulgaris

Almost identical to Alchemilla mollis, except it is slightly shorter in height and the flowers are smaller and greener than A. mollis. Gardeners better know the plant as a prolific self seeder - be careful as it can become invasive so cut off flowers before they get to seeding stage.

H 40cm, S 40cm.                    1L  pot          £6.00      


Anemone blanda ‘White Splendour’

A gently spreading perennial with dark green leaves and solitary large white flowers with pink-tinged backs from March to April. Plant in sun or partial shade. H 15cm, S 15cm to 20cm.                    9cm pot               £4.00

Anemone hupehensis var. japonica ‘Rotkäppchen’

A lovely Japanese Anemone flowering from late summer into Autumn. The semi-double rosy - pink cup shaped flowers add a splash of subtle colour to a semi shade area from September to October. Moist soil and partial shade. H 75cm, S 45cm.                   9cm pot               £4.00

Anemone nemorosa     

“Wood Anemone”. A dwarf herbaceous perennial with deeply cut leaves. Solitary flowers are sometimes flushed pink on the reverse appear in spring. A woodland dweller often making carpets of white starry flowers once established. H 20cm, S 60cm.                    9cm pot             £4.00

Anemone nemorosa 'Viridiflora'

In this variety, what typically would be petals are actually modified leaves know as bracts. This creates an unusual mid-green, moss-like texture and it’s absolutely charming combined with all the other plants in the garden as they burst into growth in spring. As with all wood anemones, they will begin to naturally die down in late spring and will rest until the following spring. H 20cm, S 60cm.                    9cm pot             £4.00

Anemone sylvestris

“Snowdrop Windflower”. A perennial spreading rapidly by root suckers. The long-stalked leaves are mid-green and deeply divided. White flowers up to 8cm across, with golden stamens appear in late spring and early summer. H 50 – 100cm.                   2L pot              £9.00

Anemone x lipsensis

This is a gorgeous little anemone, growing in the same way as the nemerosa culivars. It is a vigorous, rhizomatous perennial with deeply divided leaves and primrose-yellow flowers in spring. Looks lovely amongst Hellebores and forget-me-nots.

H10cm, S10cm.                    9cm pot             £4.00


Invaluable plants for a semi-shaded position in late spring and early summer. Combining to great effect with Anthriscus, Astrantia and early-flowering grasses. Toxic if eaten. Here are some of my favourites for shady corners.

Aquilegia vulgaris

The common granny’s bonnets with its nodding bonnet-like flowers with hooked spurs in late spring and early summer. The lush ferny green foliage forms pretty mounds that add a light texture to the planting scheme. These columbines are easy to grow and are useful for herbaceous borders and cottage gardens as well as more naturalised planting schemes including prairies. They will usually self-seed freely, but they are quite promiscuous plants that hybridise freely. If there are other aquilegias in your garden, it is possible that the next generation of plants will vary from their parent plants.

H 60cm, S 30cm.                    9cm pot          £3.50



Arisarum proboscideum

Commonly known as the mouse plant this delightful wee arum will grow happily in shade under shrubs in humus rich soil. Tiny tubers increase sending up dense clusters of small shining green leaves. In May hidden among the leaves are tiny flowers, white inside with brown backs, the spathe tips extended into long thin tails which poke out among the leaves as though tiny mice had dived in, head first, to hide. Best in shade, near the edge of a path where you can stoop to see them. H 10 cm, S 45cm.                    9cm pot          £4.00


Arum italicum marmoratum

The glossy green leaves, marbled with silver appear from the ground in late autumn providing some interest as they grow through winter. By spring they are fully grown and are followed in September by upright stems topped with a cluster of red berries. Very eye catching all year round. Grows in shade and most soils except dry. H 30cm, S 15cm.                     9cm pot          £4.00                                  


Aruncus aethusifolius AGM  

A great little plant that’s quite unlike any other Aruncus, with soft, ferny foliage and numerous little spikes of frothy, creamy-white flowers in summer. Good autumn colouring of pink and yellow that persists until the first hard frosts. H 30cm, S 30cm.                   1L pot           £6.00

Aruncus dioicus

“Goat’s Beard”. Plumes of creamy white flowers like a giant Astilbe, over dense foliage. Moist soil that doesn’t dry out in sun or light shade. A great plant for filling out large shady areas. H 1.8m, S 90cm.                           3L pot            £1000

Aruncus ‘Guinea Fowl’

Finely cut, green foliage and an abundance of creamy-white flower plumes in summer, providing a long season of interest. Any reasonable soil in full or part shade. H 60cm, S 30cm.                    2L  pot            £9.00


Asarum europaeum AGM

Kidney-shaped, glossy, evergreen leaves making dense, very effective ground cover in moist to dry shade. H15cm, S40cm.                         9cm pot          £4.00


Underrated plants for shape and form as well as autumn colour. Asters have a reputation for mildew but those are generally the lurid, overbred novi-belgii types and you won’t find any of these here! They are good with a multitude of late summer perennials and grasses, and generally require full sun and a free-draining, moist soil that doesn’t dry out. Very few of the ones I have here require any staking.

Aster divaricatus (Eurybia divaricata)   

“Wood aster”. Fabulous perennial with shiny, black, decumbent, wiry stems. From mid-summer to mid-autumn the plant becomes an amorphous mass of tiny, pink-tinged, starry, white flowers. Good moist soil in partial shade but will tolerate quite a bit of dryness once established.

H 60cm, S 60cm.                   2L pot          £9.00

Aster macrophyllus (Eurybia macrophylla)

Large leaves and starry, pale violet flowers with abundant seed heads that twinkle in winter frost. Flowers earlier than other Asters and happy in dry shade. H 75cm, S 60cm.                  2L pot          £9.00


Astilbe 'Bressingham beauty'

A tall cultivar with bronze-flushed mid-green leaves and plumes of bright pink flowers in midsummer. Plant in sun or partial shade.

H 90cm, S 80cm.                9cm pot          £4.00

Astilbe chinensis var. pumila

An impressive short astilbe with masses of dense flowers on rigid spikes. Rose flowers with blue anthers give the appearance of mauve flowers over broad, rough foliage. Great ground cover in shady, damp areas with a real burst of colour in summer. H 30cm, S 45cm.                9cm pot          £4.00

Astilbe chinensis var. tarquetii ‘Purpurlanze’

An upright Astilbe with divided, mid-green leaves and purplish-red flowers in dense vertical plumes in late summer and early autumn. gh foliage. Great in shady, damp areas with a real burst of colour. H 1.2m, S 40cm.                  9cm pot           £4.00

Astilbe ‘Ellie’

A robust white form over nice dark green leaves. The flowers fade nicely to green rather than brown and the seed heads are very effective against a parchment background. H 45cm, S 45cm.                                   2L pot          £9.00

Astilbe ‘Europa’

A handsome astilbe which produces tall spikes of pale pink flowers over glossy deep green leaves. Perfect for edging ponds and for damp ground in shade. H 50cm, S 45cm.                               2L pot          £9.00

Astilbe 'Jo Ophurst'

A compact Astilbe with finely divided green foliage which has a bronze hue in spring as it starts growing. Has striking purple pink, fluffy plumes flowering in summer. Dead flowers can be retained for autumn or winter structure and wildlife interest. H 1m, S 1m.              2L pot          £9.00

Astilbe simplicifolia ‘Sprite’ AGM

Refined little plant with long-lasting, small feathery spikes of pale shell pink flowers over delicate bronzed foliage in summer. Rich moist soil in sun or partial shade. 40cm.                 2L pot          £9.00

Astilbe ‘Straussenfeder’ AGM   

A tall plant with glossy, mid-green leaves tinged bronze in spring and light rosy-pink flowers on slender, arching branches in July.

H 1m, S 60cm.                  2L pot          £9.00

Astilbe x arendsii  'Erica'

A tall, spreading astilbe with finely divided, dark green leaves that open burgundy-red in spring and then produce panicles of pink flowers in summer. H 90cm, S 60cm.                    2L pot          £9.00


Astilboides tabularis

Architectural plant with huge rough matt green rounded leaves and plumes of creamy white flowers loved by flying beasties and similar to Filipendula ulmaria (Meadowsweet) in early summer. For continually moist but not waterlogged, humus rich soil in sun or partial shade.

H 1.5m.                     2L pot          £9.00


Astrantia ‘Atomic Sunburst’   

Very large, pale-pink flowerheads with ruby-stained, green-tipped bracts on a compact plant that enjoys full sun or partial shade. Cut back after flowering for a second flush, often continuing into autumn. Selected and raised here. H60cm, S 45cm.                     2L pot            £9.00

Astrantia major 'Buckland'

'Buckland' is a taller variety with pale-pink flowers surrounded by white bracts tipped with green. It makes a lovely variation to all the pinks and reds. It ooks good with grasses, deep blue Iris or deep pink Astilbes. Happy in sun or shade in most soils. H90cm, S 40cm.                    2L pot            £9.00

Astrantia major ‘Claret’

Dark reddish-purple flowers from early summer to early autumn. Will grow happily in sun or shade and does well on our clay soil in the nursery. Great for cutting too. H 60–90cm, S 45cm.                     1L pot          £6.00

Astrantia major subsp. involucrata 'Shaggy'

With deeply divided leaves and branched stems this variety bears compact heads of greenish-white flowers surrounded by narrow, green-tipped white or pinkish bracteoles. H70cm, S30cm.                     2L pot          £9.00

Astrantia major ‘Sunningdale Variegated’ AGM

The variegated divided leaves have lovely broad, creamy-yellow margins and the white flowers are surrounded by pink-tinged bracts.

For full sun. H 70cm, S 45cm.                      2L pot          £9.00

Astrantia ‘Ruby Wedding’

A good dark flowered plant with deep ruby red flowers on maroon stems and dark green leaves. Much admired in the nursery gardens. For full sun or partial shade in moisture retentive soil, though will tolerate some dryness once established. A more compact cultivar.

H 50cm, S 30cm.                    1L pot            £6.00


Bergernia ‘Baby Doll’

A compact plant with rounded, bright green leaves to 10cm wide and short sprays of pale pink flowers in spring, their colour becoming deeper with age. A good Bergenia for the smaller garden.

H 30cm, S 45cm.                       1L pot    £6.00

Bergenia ‘Bressingham Ruby’

The leaf colour changes from deep green in summer to a maroon red in winter. Magenta pink bell-shaped flowers are borne in early spring on short stems. Great for ground cover and winter interest. H40cm, S 50cm.                                  2L pot            £9.00                   

Bergenia ‘Bressingham White’ AGM

An excellent white-flowered selection, with an abundance of white spring flowers, blushing pink with age. Leaves are rich green but with little winter colour. Not as chunky as some Bergenias, making it good for front of a border or as ground cover under shrubs. H40cm, S 50cm.                     2L pot            £9.00  Bergenia cordifolia 'Purpurea'

This robust Bergenia is ideal for poor soil, ground cover, shade, forgotten corners, damp soil and will in turn produce masses of deep pink flowers in spring and pink purple tinged foliage all year round. A favourite of Gertrude Jekyll and Beth Chatto, it is well worth a space for those problematic places it actually prefers. H 30cm, S 90cm.                     2L pot          £9.00

Bergenia ‘Eden’s Magic Giant’ AGM

Deep-pink flowers in spring and reddish foliage in winter. Grows in most soils and sun or shade. Useful ground cover and all year interest.

H 45cm, S 60cm.                        1L pot            £6.00

Bergenia ‘Overture’  

Tall stems bearing shocking magenta flowers over consistently healthy-looking leaves that turn red-purple in autumn and winter. Excellent beneath trees and shrubs and drought tolerant. 45cm, S 60cm.                      2L pot            £9.00

Bergenia pacumbens

This is a lovely Bergenia with big white (or pink) flowers. Very large leaves with a rim of hairs have good colour in the autumn. In colder areas the leaves can get frosted but the plant comes back to life with new leaves. Very much woth growing for the leaves alone. H50cm, S50cm.                          1L pot          £6.00   


Brunnera macrophylla        

The dark-green, heart-shaped leaves of this Siberian bugloss are topped with bright-blue flowers which appear in April, and sporadically through the year. The neat green mound of leaves will look good throughout the summer in a shady spot on most soils, copes very well in dry shade.

H 45cm, S 50cm.                    2L pot           £9.00

Brunnera macrophylla ‘Looking Glass’  

Stunning sport of ‘Jack Frost’ with all-silver leaves. Bright-blue flowers appear in April, but worth growing for the foliage alone.

H45cm, S60cm.                  2L pot           £9.00


Cardamine bulbifera

Coral Root. An attractive species with upright stems with 5-7 leaflets and studded with pink-purplish flowers. It spreads by underground tubers and by the bulbils which sit in the axils on the flowering stem. It succeeds even in dry shade and could be useful in wilder parts of the garden as ground cover under shrubs. It becomes dormant from Summer onwards. A rare British native growing in calcareous woodlands. H 30cm, S 60cm.         9cm pot           £4.00

Cardamine heptaphylla       

A clump forming perennial with white flowers over toothed leaves. A lovely addition to spring borders. Ideal for shady areas and damp soil. Will quietly spread in amongst shrubs and other plants without being invasive. Grow amongst other plants do the old foliage is hidden as it dies back.

H 36 cm, S 45cm.                    9cm pot           £4.00

Cardamine pentaphylla

This Cardamine forms a clump of pinnate leaves, with erect stems bearing short racemes of pale purple or white flowers in spring and early summer. Ideal for shady areas and damp soil. Will quietly spread in amongst shrubs and other plants without being invasive. Grow amongst other plants do the old foliage is hidden as it dies back. H 36 cm, S 45cm                   9cm pot           £4.00

Cardamine pratensis ‘Flore Pleno’        

Double, pale-lilac blooms above rosettes of dark-green leaves. Moist soil in semi-shade or full sun. Good for naturalising, and you can even add the flowers to your salad. H 45cm, S 20cm.                       1L pot          £6.00


Chaerophyllum hirsutum ‘Roseum’

Another of my favourite plants, a pink cow parsley! A lovely, soft-pink umbellifer, flowering in early summer. Very effective when grown with Brunnera macrophylla and Tellima grandiflora or Actaea ‘Brunette’ and purple hazel.  Grow in light shade and moist soil.

H 60–90cm, S 100cm.                     2L pot          £9.00


Corydalis 'Craigton Blue'

The most stunning blue flowers on red stems over fresh green, deeply divided leaves and it will grow in sun or shade. Perfect! This woodlander starts flowering in spring and will go on for quite a while. H 30cm, S 30cm.                     9cm pot          £4.00

Corydalis flexuosa 'Pere David'

A mat-forming plant with deeply divided leaves, blue-green leaves and greenish-blue flowers in late spring and early summer.

H 15cm, S 30cm.                      9cm pot          £4.00

Corydalis omeiensis

One of the best blue flowered species from China with an upright habit and dense flower heads of strong electric blue in late spring with a delicious scent. Plant in good soil in shade. H 60cm, S 30cm.                    9cm pot           £4.00  


Darmera peltata AGM   

Pink and white flowers emerge as a fist shape on a long stalk directly from a stout rhizome, and then come the great umbrella-shaped leaves to 30cm across on single stems. Enjoys consistently moist to boggy soil and turns spectacular colours ranging from bronze to scarlet in October. Good with Molinia or Calamagrostis brachytricha. H 90cm, S 200cm.                     3L pot          £10.00


Deschampsia cespitosa ‘Bronzeschleier’ (Bronze Veil)

A strictly clump-forming grass creating a nice, dark-green tuft, topped by long stems carrying a billowing mass of finely textured bronze inflorescences in mid- to late summer. Good with a multitude of perennials or planted en masse. H 120cm, S 45cm.                   9cm pot          £3.50

Deschampsia cespitosa ‘Coral Cloud’

Dense, evergreen clumps of slender foliage with elegant sprays of flower-spikes emerging in early summer. Plant in semi shade in moist well drained soil.

H 1.2m, S 45cm.                     1L pot          £6.00

Deschampsia cespitosa ‘Garnet Schist’  

A very early-flowering clone raised and selected here, used in Nigel Dunnett’s show garden and launched officially at Chelsea in 2012! The grass has an upright, graceful habit and lovely, shimmering, ruby-coloured seed heads from early May that turn gold then parchment later. 1.2m in sun or shade and all but the driest of soils. H 1.2m, S 45cm.                     9cm pot          £3.50

Deschampsia cespitosa ‘Goldtau’ (Golden Dew)

A shorter, more compact cultivar with a shimmering mass of finely textured, pale-green flowerheads in mid-summer.

H 80cm, S 30cm.                    2L pot          £9.00

Deschampsia cespitosa ‘Tauträger’

Tall, arching stems, topped with compact heads of silvery flowers, followed by buttery-yellow seed heads. H 1.2m, S 30cm.                    1L pot          £6.00

Deschampsia flexuosa

A native of woods, slopes, fields, grasslands and open areas in North America, Europe and Asia. In summer the panicles spread out wide and form delightful airy cloud of tiny, bronze flowers over the foliage. Will grow almost anywhere and looks good in borders or as a stand alone plant. For sun or partial shade in any soil. H 80cm, S 40cm..                    2L pot          £9.00


Toxic if eaten                                                                     

Digitalis purpurea

"Foxglove" "Lady’s Bedstraw" (Bluidy bells, Foxter, Lady's thummles – Scots native) The common foxglove with it’s tall spires will produce purple pink or white flowers in early to mid summer. Often seen growing naturally in woodland or wasteland they will tolerate shade or sun. The bees love the flowers so are ideal for wild life and flower gardens. 1m                     9cm pot           £3.50

Digitalis purpurea f. albiflora

Marvellous large pure white spikes which make a magnificent sight in any border in sun or part shade and very useful as a cut flower. Flowers early summer. H 200cm, S 45cm.                    9cm pot           £3.50


Dipsacus fullonum

The native teasel, with prickly basal leaves followed by prickly stems of cone-shaped purple or white flowers in the second year. Can be dried. Flowers July to August. Full sun or partial shade. H 1m to 2m, S 50cm.                        9cm pot           £3.50



Epimedium pinnatum ssp. Colchicum

A great Epimedium for interesting foliage markings in spring when the green leaves have distinctive red veining. Yellow flowers appear in spring and are more noticeable if you cut the old foliage off before they appear. Great for a shady border or under shrubs for ground cover.

H 25cm, S 60cm.                       9cm pot           £4.00

Epimedium 'Valor'

A hybrid of E. wushanense and E. perralderinaum with creamy-yellow sepals, reflexing up away from the ground, showing off the darker yellow petals and spurs in April and May. Some deep orange and red colouring in the older foliage. H 30cm.                      9cm pot           £4.00

Epimedium x rubrum

This plant forms a bushy mound of dark green leaves, bearing sprays of cherry-red flowers in mid to late spring. Plants are long-lived and very sturdy, coping with dry shade and making good ground cover. Old leaves should be pruned to the ground in late winter to show the flowers to best effect. The have lovely red flowers in spring and beautiful bronze foliage colour in winter. A good value plant for the garden. H 30cm, S 40cm.                       1L pot           £6.00

Epimedium x warleyense

A compact evergreen forming a spreading clump of divided leaves tinted red when young, with sprays of small flowers with bright coppery-orange sepals and smaller pale yellow petals in spring. Like all Epimediums, lovely all year round. H30cm, S 50cm.                     9cm pot           £4.00

Epimedium x youngianum 'Niveum'

A lovely compact white flowered vasriety 'Niveum' with deciduous leaves composed of 9 leaflets, bronze when young. Pure white flowers 15mm in width are borne in open sprays. H25cm, S 30cm.                       9cm pot           £4.00

Epimedium 'Zhushanense'

The dark purple flowers of the Zhushan Fairy Wings are as gorgeous as they are rich, purple cups are accompanied by spurs whose knife-shaped centers are in the same shade. The margins and tops of each spur are sharply demarcated in lighter lavender-purple. The very large “spiders” on Epimedium zhushanense dangle from bronze-green wiry stems in May/June. From near Zhushan, Hubei Province, China, this is still quite rare and spectacular species in the trade. Morning sun, dappled to open shade in fertile, draining soil. Drought tolerant once established.

H32cm, S 60cm.                     1L pot           £6.00


Eupatorium cannabinum

An easily grown and attractive native wild flower and perfect plant for moist positions in the garden. Dense, terminal sprays of reddish-purple flowers from July to September. H 1.2m, S 60cm.                     3L pot          £10.00           

Eupatorium maculatum Atropurpureum Group AGM  

Superb, big, bold perennial for back of the border (see it used to great effect at Cambo, where it attains a height of 3m or more without the need for staking). Huge heads of maroon-purple, fluffy flowers adorn the plant from mid-summer into autumn over dark-purple stems. Needs a moist, well-drained soil in full sun or light shade and loved by both butterflies and bees. H 3m, S 60cm.                      1L  pot           £6.00

Eupatorium maculatum Atropurpureum Group ‘Purple Bush’

Reasonably compact form with smaller, light-purple flower clusters. Raised by Piet Oudolf in Holland. Makes a great statement plant for height in the border and requires little staking. Will flower for weeks. H 1.5m, S 60cm.                        2L pot          £9.00

Eupatorium maculatum Atropurpureum Group ‘Red Dwarf’

A compact, much shorter variety than it’s cousins with reddish-lavender flowerheads from July to Sept. A great long flowering plant for most soils and sun or shade. H 80cm, S 60cm.                    2L pot          £9.00


Euphorbia amygdaloides var. Robbiae      

A spreading evergreen perennial that requires a good amount of space but is great for ground cover over poorer soils in shady places. Yellow green flowers and bracts appear from spring through summer. H 45cm, S 100cm.                  2L pot          £9.00


Filipendula purpurea

This Filipendula should be intermingled with other moisture-loving plants in partial shade, as seen in the nursery gardens. The frothy plumes in candy pink are a real showstopper colour above its divided leaves. H 80cm, S 45cm.                    3L pot          £10.00

Filipendula purpurea 'Elegans'

A more compact cultivar of Filipendula that features white flowers with red stamens. This combination means that from a distance the flowers look pink. Grow in sun or partials shade in almost any soil. H 1.5 -2.5m, S 1.5 – 2.5m. .                    3L pot          £10.00

Filipendula rubra ‘Venusta’ AGM

American meadowsweet is a big, enthusiastic plant that enjoys moist to wet soil, where it will form a large, bushy clump of deeply lobed leaves, topped with plumes of soft-pink, scented frothy flowers from July to August. H 2m, S 1m.                  3L pot            £10.00

Filipendula ulmaria

“Meadowsweet” (Leddy o’ the meadow, Meadow Queen – Scots native) A sweet-smelling plant of wet meadows, hence its common name. A tall perennial with a froth of creamy white flowers throughout June to September, and pinnate leaves green above and silvery white below. See it growing in the wild flower bankings in the nursery. H 90cm, S 45cm.                     3L pot            £10.00         

Filipendula ulmaria 'Variegata'

This variegated form of “Meadowsweet” had randomly marked gold and green leaves topped with sprays of creamy white scented flowers. As with all Filipendula it enjoys damp to wet soil and sun or partial shade.  60cm, S 45cm.                     2L pot          £9.00


Galium odorata

“Sweet Woodruff”. This plant makes great ground cover in shade under trees and shrubs. Whorls of bright green leaves appear in spring and are topped with tiny, white scented, star-shaped flowers in April and May. Wildlife friendly and rabbit resistant. H 30cm, S 60cm.                    9cm pot           £3.50

Galium verum

"Yellow Bedstraw". An upright native perennial with narrow leaves and dense clusters of yellow flowers in June to August. Plant in full sun or partial shade. H 60cm, Sp 45cm.                     9cm pot           £3.50


Geranium X cantabrigiense ‘Biokovo’

A compact plant with glossy evergreen fragrant leaves and blush pink flowers with darker pink stamens in early summer. Discovered in the Biokova mountains, Croatia. A great ground cover plant for most soils in sun or shade. H 25cm, S 100cm.                     1L pot          £6.00

Geranium dalmaticum

Dwarf, creeping plant with glossy evergreen, aromatic leaves and long stalked clusters of pink flowers with red anthers in summer. Some reddening of the leaf in autumn. Light shade and moist soil but well-drained soil. Great ground cover plant. H 15cm, S 1m.                  1L pot          £6.00

Geranium macrorrhizum 'Freundorf'

A good variety with pink flowers and good autumn colour. Ideal for dry shade but will tolerate a range of growing conditions. Great ground

cover. H 30cm, S 60cm.                     2L pot          £9.00

Geranium macrorrhizum 'Spessart'

A white flowered variety with a hint of pink with good autumn colour and semi evergreen. Ideal for ground cover in dry shade but will tolerate a range of growing conditions. H 30cm, S 60cm.                    2L pot          £9.00            

Geranium nodosum

A spreading Geranium with bright glossy green, divided leaves and funnel-shaped lilac-pink or pink, lightly veined flowers from May to September. Ideal for shade. H 20cm, S 45cm.                     1L pot          £6.00

Geranium phaeum ‘Samobor’

Bushy, early blooming species with fully opened very dark purple flowers and pale green leaves ageing dark green with large chocolate blotches on the leaves. Best in moist shade but will tolerate dryness under trees. H60cm, S 30cm.                    2L pot            £9.00

Geranium robertianum         

“Herb Robert”, a common Cranesbill found growing wild through Britain and Europe. It happily self-seeds but easy to remove from shady areas, woodland and hedgerows. Pink flowers appear continuously from April to October. H 50cm, S 30cm.                    9cm pot            £3.50

Geranium ‘Sirak’ AGM

A sprawling geranium with distinct, vibrant, mauve-pink flowers, emerging from hairy buds in late spring and continuing into summer with often a second flush of flowers later. Plant in sun or partial shade in well-drained soil. H 65cm, S 60cm.                    2L pot          £9.00

Geranium sylvaticum ‘Mayflower’ AGM

Large, pure lavender-blue flowers with a white eye over deeply cut green leaves. Prefers a moister soil and will tolerate shade. Will often have a second flush of flowers if cut back after first flowers. H 70cm, S 30cm.                     2L pot          £9.00


Geum ‘Karlskaer’

A compact plant with warm apricot, upright, outward-facing flowers on dark stems, above mounds of fresh green foliage in spring and early summer. One of the longest flowering Geums I’ve come across and simply superb with dark-purple foliage. H 35cm, S 45cm.                       2L pot          £9.00

Geum 'Mrs W Moore'

A very dainty flowered Geum with cream semi-double flowers with a pink flush over mid green leaves. Geums like sun or light shade on a retentive soil. H 20cm, S 30cm.                    2L pot          £9.00

Geum ‘Pink Frills’

A robust plant with soft peach-pink frilled flowers from dark buds that stand out well against the green leaves. Ideal for the front of a border ad adaptable to most soils in sun or shade. H45cm, S 30cm.                    1L pot          £6.00            

Geum ‘Prinses Juliana’

A taller Geum standing out with its semi-double, bright-orange flowers, flushed red on the margins from early to mid-summer. A hybrid of G. chiloense dating back to 1923. H 60cm, S 30cm.                     1L pot         £6.00             

Geum rivale ‘Album’          

A lovely plant for the front of the border with its nodding heads of white flower. It will flower for a long period and if dead headed will often flower again later in the summer. Copes well with shade and north facing borders on clay soil. H 35cm, S 30cm.                       2L pot          £9.00

Geum rivale ‘Lemon Drops’

Clump-forming plant with elegant, nodding, open yellow flowers above fresh green leaves, spring and summer. Prefers moist but well-drained soil in full sun. 25cm, S 25cm.                    1L pot         £6.00

Geum rivale ‘Leonard’s Variety’  

Free-flowering, nodding, bell-shaped, rose-coloured flowers on reddish stems over crimped, light-green foliage in early summer. Light shade and moist soil. H 35cm, S 30cm.                     1L pot         £6.00


Hacquetia epipactis

This lovely little plant appears in January, even before most snowdrops and aconites have thought about growing. The flowers open, almost at ground-level, made up of clusters of tiny, yellow flowers surrounded by olive-green, petal-like bracts. These continue well into spring. Plant in moist soil in shade during the growing season. H 15 cm, S 20cm.                       9cm pot           £4.00     

Hacquetia epipactis ‘Thor’

A variegated form of the species with larger, upright flowers. Well worth growing with flowers appearing in early spring. Plant in moist soil in shade during the growing season. H 15 cm, S 20cm.                       9cm pot           £4.00


Helleborus argutifolius

An evergreen with stout stems bearing leaves composed of three spiny-toothed dark green leaflets. Bowl-shaped, nodding, pale green flowers 4-5cm in width are borne in large open clusters in spring making a nice contrast with Euphorbias and Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’.

H 1m, S 60cm.                       9cm pot          £4.50

Helleborus niger

"Christmas Rose". An evergreen perennial producing leathery dark green, divided leaves. Saucer-shaped white flowers ageing to pinkish white January to April. Plant in shade. H 30cm, S 30cm.                                 2L pot          £9.00

Helleborus x hybridus ‘Pink Lady’

Plain, pale, cup-shaped flowers or dark-pink and cream stamens on tall stems over well-formed, shiny, dark-green leaves.

H 45cm, S 45cm.                          1L pot          £6.00

Helleborus x hybridus ‘White Lady Spotted’

Beautiful, white flowers, speckled blood-red over well-formed, shiny, dark-green leaves. Plant in partial shade and moist well drained soil.

H 45cm, S 45cm.             1L pot          £6.00


Hosta ‘Blue Cadet’

This Hosta forms a dense mound of slightly corrugated, heart-shaped, blue-green foliage that colours gold in autumn. Lavender flowers appear in July.

H 65cm, S 60cm.                    2L pot          £9.00

Hosta ‘Blue Mouse Ears’

Well named and eye-catching miniature Hosta that forms a tight mound of tiny blue-green leaves topped by scapes of lavender blue flowers in summer. Squeak, squeak. H 20cm, S 20cm.                     9cm pot           £4.00

Hosta ‘Bressingham Blue’

Big, intensely blue puckered leaves on this majestic plant from the Bloom’s stable. Grow in shade to retain the best blue colour.  

H 80cm.                   1L pot          £6.00

Hosta ‘Devon Green’

Compact, well-formed Hosta with bright, shiny green leaves and short scapes of pale-lavender flowers. One of the very best available in my opinion.

H 50cm, S 45cm.                   1L pot          £6.00    

Hosta 'Honeybells'

Well worth growing for the scented, pale almost white flowers in summer. This Hosta forms a clump of broadly heart-shaped, light green leaves, glossy above and shiny below, to 25cm in length, with fragrant, white to pale lilac flowers on stems to 90cm. H 60cm, S 60cm.                  2L pot          £9.00

Hosta ‘Krossa Regal’ AGM  

Very distinctive, forming an upright, vase-shaped clump with lanceolate, ribbed, glaucous, grey-green leaves and bell-shaped, pale-lilac flowers in summer. Best in partial shade. Generally, slug proof. H 75cm.                    2L pot          £9.00            

Hosta 'Padora's Box'

A clump-forming, dainty miniature cultivar with dark grey-green leaves that have creamy-white irregular margins and pale lavender flowers in summer. H 10cm, S 20cm.                9cm pot           £4.00

Hosta ‘Patriot’

One of my favourites which will brighten a shady border with it’s green, oval leaves and creamy-yellow margins becoming white as they mature. Lavender flowers appear in late July. H 70cm, S 60cm.                     2L pot          £9.00            

Hosta ‘Red October’

Medium-green, lance-shaped leaves with intensely red stems. Lavender flowers appear later than most hostas in Sept.

H 60cm, S 45cm.                     2L pot          £9.00

Hosta 'Royal Standard'

Large heart-shaped, ribbed bright pale green leaves and fragrant white flowers from July to August. Plant in full sun or partial shade.

H 60cm, S 1.2m.              9cm pot           £4.00

Hosta ‘Sagae’ AGM

Large, broad, dark-green leaves edged gold, create a large, vase-shaped clump with real presence. H 1.2m, S 90cm.                    2L pot          £9.00

Hosta ‘Shade Fanfare’ AGM

Light-green, oval foliage with a slightly lobed base, edged with a creamy-white margin. Pale-lavender flowers in July. Excellent as a specimen or in a container. H 75cm, 60cm.                    2L pot         £9.00

Hosta ‘Blue Angel’ AGM

A sieboldiana bearing upright racemes of abundant, almost-white, bell-shaped flowers above a clump of oval, blue-green, wavy-edged leaves. Moist but well-drained soil in part shade. H 1m, S 60cm.                    2L pot          £9.00            

Hosta sieboldiana ‘Frances Williams’ AGM

Well-known, but none-the-less impressive, sieboldiana Hosta, with large, heart-shaped, puckered, glaucous, blue leaves irregularly margined yellow. Eventually making a spectacular clump. Bell-shaped, white flowers are produced in early summer. Best in partial shade.

H 65cm, S 60cm.                     2L pot          £9.00

Hosta 'Summer Fragrance'

A vigorous variety with white edged dark green foliage and very fragrant pale lavender flowers on one metre tall stems in July and August. Grow in sun or light shade. H 60cm, S 60cm.             9cm pot           £4.00

Hosta tardiana ‘Blue Wedgwood’          

Intensely blue, thick, oval, gently-waved foliage with a heavy bloom on the upper surface. Bluish-lavender flowers appear in August. A Hosta that’s well worth trying in the garden. Slug resistant. Height 65cm, S 60cm.               9cm pot           £4.00

Hosta ‘Wide Brim’ AGM

Dark-green, heart-shaped leaves with creamy-yellow margins and pale-lavender flowers in summer. Moist but well-drained soil in part shade.

H 50cm, S 40cm.                    2L pot          £8.00


Lamium galeobdolon 'Florentinum'

This plant is a great solution to dry shade areas where you want to cover a lot of ground. Plants form a fast-spreading, bushy carpet of attractive green and silver leaves, bearing small soft-yellow flowers in mid spring. Stems root into the ground readily, where they touch. It is what I call an enthusiastic plant, but this is not a problem unless it is planted in a border with good fertile soil, so keep it on dry, shallow soil bankings or under trees where it will be kept in check. Although evergreen, plants should be clipped or mown hard in late winter to encourage fresh growth.

H 20 to 30 cm, S 2m plus.                     2L pot          £9.00

Lamium maculatum 'Beacon Silver'

Silver leaves, narrowly edged in green quickly forms a silvery carpet of foliage with whorls of long-lasting, nettle-like, magenta flowers from April to July. A great groundcover plant that will light up the base of deciduous or even evergreen shrubs and trees. It prefers partial shade, and once established, will even flourish in difficult areas of dry shade. H 30cm, S 2m.                    2L pot          £9.00

Lamium maculatum ‘Orchid Frost’

Silvery-white leaves, with scalloped, blue-green margins are a lovely backdrop for the delicate orchid-pink flowers, mid-spring and sporadically thro’ summer. Great ground cover for shade under shrubs. H 30cm, S 2m.                     2L pot          £9.00


Ligularia ‘Britt Marie Crawford’

The best dentata type to date for its big, rounded, dark, glossy maroon leaves and clusters of large, orangey-yellow ‘daisies’. Moist soil in full sun or light shade. Great with Primula florindae or any of the brightly coloured candelabra types. H 1m, S 1m.                     2L pot          £9.00

Ligularia ‘Desdamona’

A robust Ligularia with large, rounded bronze-tinted leaves that are deep purple beneath. Orange daisies 10cm in width, are borne in flat-topped clusters in late summer and early autumn. A stunning plant. H100cm, S 100cm.                       9cm pot       £4.50

Ligularia przewalskii AGM   

This is a stunning plant with tall spires of golden-yellow flowers over deeply cut foliage and black stems. The brown seed heads persist into winter and it will self-seed where happy. Best in moist soil and light shade as the leaves tend to wilt in strong sunlight. H 1.4m, S 60cm.                     2L pot          £9.00       

Ligularia ‘Zepter’

German cultivar with large, long stalked green leaves and tall, wide spires of yellow flowers that smell of Bourbon biscuits on shiny dark purple stems, making a very imposing clump in a shady border in moist soil. H 2m, S 60cm.                     2L pot          £9.00


Liriope muscari ‘Big Blue’

Dense colonies of leathery, deep-green, arching leaves 25–45cm long. Violet-flushed stems bear dense spikes of mauve bells in autumn. Great for shade on well drained but not too dry soil. H 45cm, S 45cm.                   1L pot          £6.00


Luzula nivea

“Snowy woodrush” Short wands of fluffy, white flowers in early summer over softly hairy, dark-green leaves. A tough, evergreen ground cover grass for dry shade with Hellebores beneath trees. One of my favourites. H 50cm, S 45cm.                    9cm pot          £4.00

Luzula sylvatica ‘Hohe Tatra’

Upright, broad, evergreen, acid greenish-yellow leaves in winter and spring, becoming greener in summer. Tall spikes of chestnut-brown flowers.

H 60cm, S 45cm.                    9cm pot          £4.00


Melica uniflora f Albida

An attractive grass with neat clumps of soft green foliage and fine sprays of white tiny flowers. Very effective planted among ferns and hostas in shade.

H 60cm, S 30cm.                    1L pot          £6.00


Oxalis acetosella

“Wood Sorrel” A native of woodland, growing in moist, leafy soil and semi-shade. With its trifoliate leaves and small, nodding dainty white flowers which close up at night. See it in our hedgerow border. H 7cm, S 20cm.                      9 cm pot          £3.50


Primula alpicola

One of my favourite primulas with its highly scented flowers (find them in the nursery gardens). Its name literally is ‘a dweller in high mountains’. In the garden it is happy in moist soil and semi shade. The flowers are flared bells of soft yellow, silvered violet, palest mauve, white and raspberry pink.

H 30cm, S 20cm                     1L pot          £6.00                            

Primula chungensis

A candelabra type with whorls of orange flowers in early summer. Will cope with shade and damp soil and occasionally wet conditions. See it growing in our stream garden at the nursery. H 60cm, S 30cm.                      9 cm pot          £3.50

Primula 'Old Port'

Small rosettes of dark green deeply veined leaves produce masses of round burgundy flowers in early spring. They like a damp, rich soil in sun or semi shade. Ideal for front of the border or in containers. H 10cm, S 30cm.                             9cm pot          £3.50

Primula veris

“Common Cowslip”. A semi-evergreen perennial with a rosette of distinctly stalked, narrow ovate leaves and upright stems bearing umbels of nodding, bell-shaped, fragrant yellow flowers from March into late spring. A native which enjoys damp semi shade. They form a welcome blast of colour on the wild flower bankings here in the nursery in spring. H 30cm, S 20cm.                         9 cm pot          £3.50

Primula vialii

Known as the Pagoda Primula or Red-Hot Poker Primula, this striking plant was a sell out last year once it was in flower in the nursery. The flowers appear vivid red in bud and as they open from bottom to top the flowers are mauve, creating a bi-coloured effect. Leaves are long and upright surrounding the flower stems. Plant in partial shade in damp ground. H 40cm, S 20cm.                         9 cm pot          £4.50

Primula vulgaris

"Primrose".  A native with deeply veined leaves and clusters of pale yellow, fragrant flowers with a pale orange eye in April to May. Mounds of semi-evergreen foliage can be seem mot of the year on grassy bankings, often in semi-shade. H 5cm to 15cm.                     9 cm pot          £4.00


Pulmonaria ‘Blue Ensign’

Excellent early interest plant for shady areas or under trees and shrubs. Arresting, true-blue flowers appear over dark, bottle-green leaves in March and April. Good with the coppiced stems of Cornus or Salix. H 25cm, S 40cm.                     2L pot          £9.00

Pulmonaria ‘Cotton Cool’

This plant has long, silver, tapered leaves with a dark-green margin. Blue and pink flowers are carried in dense clusters in spring. Semi-evergreen and one of the best for foliage. H 30cm, S 30cm.                                               2L pot          £9.00

Pulmonaria ‘Opal’

Very pale blue flowers appear over nicely silver spotted green leaves in early spring. Great under shrubs and trees in shade on damp to well-drained soil.

H 35cm, S 30cm.                    2L pot          £9.00

Pulmonaria rubra ‘Ann

A vigorous plant with softly hairy, plain, semi evergreen leaves and large coral red flowers in late winter. Plant in moist soil and shade for good ground cover. H 35cm, S 60cm.                      2L pot          £9.00


Rheum palmatum

Large, lobed leaves up to 75cm long with panicles of pink or creamy-white flowers that rise on long stems in early Summer. This ornamental rhubarb is an architectural plant that demands space. Plant in sun or partial shade in moist but well drained soil. H2m, S1m.                   3L pot          £10.00

Rheum palmatum var. tanguticum  

Massive ornamental ‘rhubarb’ with deeply cut leaves, flushed purple on both surfaces, and great plumes of pink, white or crimson flowers up to 1.8m high. Rich, moist soil in sun or light shade. H 2m, S 2m.                             2L     312.95


Rodgersia aesculifolia AGM     

This striking plant has big, palmate, horse chestnut like corrugated leaves and plumes of creamy white or pink flowers. Use in the bog garden or pond side where the soil doesn’t dry out. Happy in shade but will tolerate some sun. H 1.8m, S 1m.                    3L pot          £10.00

Rodgersia aesculifolia Rubrifolia

Stunning plant with bronze, horse chestnut like foliage and large heads of white fluffy flowers in July and August followed by decorative brown seedheads. Plant in moist soil and shade. H90cm. S90cm.                  2L pot          £9.00

Rodgersia pinnata

Feathery sprays of small, pink, star-shaped flowers on tall, reddish-green stems from mid- to late summer, above bold, deeply divided, dark-green leaves. Forms a striking feature in a moist position. H 1.2m, S 2m..                    2L pot          £9.00

Rodgersia pinnata 'Cally Salmon'

Bold big leaves which take on a pinkish red colour as the season goes on. Flowers are salmon pink in summer. Plant in shade and moist soil for best effect. Makes an impressive architectural plant, especially if planted in large groups. H1m, S1m.                    2L pot          £12.95

Rodgersia podophylla AGM

A superb architectural plant with big, rough, angular green leaves flushed bronze, and creamy-white flowers in tall, branched clusters. For sun or partial shade in good, moist soil and shelter from drying winds, which cause the leaves to tear. H 1.5m, S 100cm.                    2L pot          £9.00


Saxifraga x urbium

Very small single, pale pink flowers on slender, branched stems form a mist above a mat of thick, evergreen weed suppressing leaves. Once common in gardens especially edging paths. Good ground cover under trees and shrubs. H 30cm (in flower), S 60cm.                 9cm pot          £3.50


Sinacalia tangutica

Dark, almost black-stained stems carry prettily carved leaves, topped with long pyramid-shaped heads of cool-lemon flowers from August to September. Plant in partially shady places in most soils. Can be on the invasive side so give it space or plant in grass which it will cope with.

H 1.2m, S 60cm.                2L pot          £9.00


Telekia speciosa

A spreading perennial with aromatic leaves. Daisy-like, shaggy yellow flowers from June to September. Plant in Partial shade. Great

H 2m, S 1m.                   2L pot          £9.00


Tellima grandiflora

Spikes of campanulate, greenish-white flowers rise above rosettes of bright-green leaves. Prefers moist soil in partial shade, but tolerant of dry shade. Can be semi-evergreen. H 80cm, S 30cm.                    9cm pot          £3.50       

Tellima grandiflora Rubra Group  

A great plant for shady places and most soils. With its evergreen scallop shaped leaves and rich purple red and green colouring it adds colour to borders all year. In early summer pink tinged green spikes of flowers appear over the foliage. H 60cm, S 30cm.                     2L pot          £9.00


Meadow rue generally requires a free-draining, moist soil and full sun to semi-shade. Keep the bigger types on the dry side to prevent them from collapsing. Self-seeding can occur where happy.

Thalictrum aquilegiifolium   

Flowering late spring to early summer with a characteristic explosion of fluffy, purple-pink flowers and such a gorgeous scent! Who Knew? For light shade and moist soil. Try with Deschampsia and any dark-flowered Iris sibirica for a spring symphony! H 1.2m, S 45cm.                     2L pot          £9.00


Tiarella 'Morning Star'

A clump-forming, semi-evergreen forming a mound of deeply lobed green leaves with bronze-purple veins. Small, starry pale pink flowers open from deep pink buds on upright stems above the foliage in spring. H20cm, S 30cm.                                  9cm pot          £4.00

Tiarella polyphylla ‘Filigran’

A gorgeous plant for shady areas with heart-shaped, hairy, toothed leaves and red-stemmed, delicate, white-to-pinkish flower spikes.

H 30cm, S 30cm.                                    9cm pot          £4.00


Trachystemon orientalis

An excellent fast growing ground-cover plant for dense shade. It bears blue and white borage-like flowers in early spring before the leaves take over so is good for early bumblebees. It runs freely so plant where you need a good ground-cover. Good for suppressing weeds. In dense shade, will tolerate dry shade once established, although in prolonged very dry conditions, the leaves may collapse, to be revived after rain. H40cm, S1m.                  2L pot          £9.00



Valeriana alliariifolia          

With its mid green leaves and white flowers from July to August, this makes an interesting and unusual plant for the garden. Originating from Russia this plant will grow in partial shade and tolerate most soils. H 1m, S 60cm.                     2L pot           £9.00

Valeriana officinalis

Underrated native perennial with silvery-purple foliage emerging from the ground in February and followed by tall, upright, self-supporting stems carrying plates of pinkish-white or all-white flowers with a heady, lily-like fragrance. Pinnate, toothed, bright-green leaves enhance the overall effect in early summer. For moist to wet soil in sun or light shade.  H 1.8m, S 60cm.                    9cm pot          £3.50

Valeriana phu 'Aurea'          

The spring foliage is a clear bright yellow, making it a welcome addition to the spring garden. By mid-summer the foliage has turned green under clusters of creamy white flowers. Will grow in sun or dappled shade. H 75cm, S 60cm.                      1L pot          £6.00


Viola odorata

“English Violet”, “Sweet Violet”. A British native perennial with heart-shaped dark green leaves. Sweetly scented blue flowers from February to March in partial shade. H 5cm, S 10cm.                     1L pot          £6.00

Viola odorata ‘Alba’

A white cultivar of the Sweet violet with heart-shaped dark green leaves. Sweetly scented white flowers bloom from February to March in partial shade.

H 5cm, S 10cm.                 9cm pot           £3.50

Viola odorata 'Konigin Charlotte'

An evergreen perennial forming mounds of shiny, deep-green rounded to heart-shaped leaves with sweetly-scented, large deep-purple flowers borne in late winter or early spring. Great for ground cover and under shrubs at the front of a border. H20cm, S30cm.                9cm pot           £4.00


Waldsteinia ternata

An often over looked plant that provides very effective, vigorous evergreen groundcover in shade beneath trees. Yellow flowers show up well against the dark foliage in spring. Any reasonable soil and will tolerate considerable dryness and full shade. H 25cm, S60cm.            9cm pot           £3.50



Adiantum venustum

A deciduous fern, almost evergreen in mild areas, with a thin, creeping rhizome. Ovate fronds composed of many small fan-shaped segments, often turning an attractive rusty-brown in autumn and winter. Plant in partial to full shade in moist but well drained soil. Might benefit from a more sheltered position in an exposed cold garden. H 25cm.                1L pot          £7.00


Athyrium filix femima

A vigorous deciduous fern which forms a clump of fresh-green, lacy fronds, the segments wth toothed margins. In some plants the midrib is red, in others green. It grows well most soils and situations. H 80cm.                     2L pot          £9.00


Doodia media

“Rasp Fern” An exotic-looking evergreen fern, native to New Zealand. Doodia Media has evergreen or semi-evergreen foliage and when new fronds emerge in spring they are a brilliant red, changing to dark green as they mature. The stems remain red, creating a striking contrast with the green foliage. Though hardy in the south of the country I have always grown my plant in a cool greenhouse under the bench, where it fills a corner. Remove dead or damaged stems as needed, but otherwise it needs no pruning. Plant in shade and loamy soil with lots of well-rotted compost or leaf mould to simulate the conditions of its native forest habitat. H 70cm.               1L pot          £7.00


Dryopteris affinis ‘Cristata’ AGM syn. ‘Cristata The King’

A handsome fern with arching fronds and branching, crested tips. Golden green when young and bright green when mature. H 50cm, S 50cm.

Dryopteris dilitata

A robust semi-evergreen fern forming a rosette of erect or arching, broadly triangular dark green, fronds, the segments strongly toothed.

H1.5m, S 1m.                2L pot          £9.00

Dryopteris filix mas

“Male Fern” a robust deciduous fern forming a shuttlecock-like tuft of lance-shaped, bipinnatifid fronds. Grows well in shade and most soils. Looks lovely as the ferns unfurl in spring. Plant with spring bulbs, Hellebores and Pulmonarias in a shady corner in the garden. H1.2m.                3L pot          £10.00


Gymnocarpium dryopteris

"Oak Fern" A lovely deciduous fern forming extensive colonies of bright green, triangular, 2 to 3-pinnate fronds 10-20cm long and wide. Plant in full shae and damp but well drained soil. H 30cm.             9cm pot          £4.00


Matteuccia struthiopteris AGM

The elegant and majestic-looking shuttlecock or ostrich plume fern works well with a variety of other plants in a moist, shady spot and spreads to form a dense colony. In spring the newly emerging fronds look amazing with coppiced dogwoods, beside a pond or beneath birch. In autumn the new fronds turn cinnamon and remain erect through winter. Attaining 1m or more once established.

H 100cm, S 60cm.                  3L pot          £10.00


Onoclea sensibilis

This is a lovely fern from Eastern North America. A spreading fern that will form a colony in a suitable moist to wet site. Sensitive Fern gets its name from the fact that it will go dormant during summer drought or at the first signs of frost in the fall. Broad leaflets on the taller sterile fronds have a nearly tropical appearance. It combines well with larger forms of Hosta and other vigorous shade-loving plants. H 60cm, S 90cm.                9cm pot          £4.00


Polypodium x mantoniae 'Bifidograndiceps'

This variety has long narrow fronds with bifidate pinnae and terminates in a wide crest. Evergreen, growing in an upright manner, spreading over time to make great groundcover all year round. Plant in shade and most soils. Tough and will cope with exposed situations. H 45cm, S 100cm.     1L pot          £7.00

Polystichum (Shield fern)

Polystichum setiferum

A tufted evergreen fern with rosettes of soft textured, lance-shaped mid-green fronds, the stalks with prominent orange-brown scales.

H 1.2m, S45cm.                 2 litre pot               £9.00

The Quirky Bird says:

An often challenging garden area is shade, be it under trees, against a wall, dry or damp or even a shaded banking, especially if North or East facing. But there are plants that will grow in these conditions and indeed will thrive, providing colour and ground cover all year round.  There are also plants that will cope with damp shade. See our information boards in the shade tunnel in the sales area and the shade border as you walk up to the sales area.