Trees and Shrubs

The Quirky Bird says:

Trees and shrubs add height, all year interest and structure and form to the garden, providing habitat for birds and wild life. Even in winter when perennials have died down they provide interest especially if you choose evergreens, plants with interesting, colourful bark or berries and cones.

Trees and shrubs are available  from 1 litre up to trees 45 litre pots. They can be planted at any time of year as long as the ground isn’t frozen or water logged. In summer water plants regularly until established.

Below is our current list of trees and shrubs in stock. With nearly 100 new additions across the whole plant list hopefully you will find something for your own garden. There are other pot sizes available for some of them and some plants are not listed as we have limited numbers. If you are looking for something not on the list, please get in touch. I will be adding more in the spring once I know what other plants we will have available.



Berberis x stenophylla

Vigorous shrub with, spine-tipped dark green leaves. Clusters of deep yellow flowers appear in April and May, followed by blue-glaucous, black fruits. Plant in full Sun or partial Shade. H 3m, S 5m.                    2L pot          £9.95                

Berberis thunbergii

A spiny medium-sized deciduous shrub of compact habit. Leaves turn red and orange in autumn. Flowers are yellow, flushed red followed by glossy bright scarlet berries in autumn. Grow in full sun or partial shade in most soils. H 120 cm, S 120cm.                     2L pot          £9.95

Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea

A vigorous, bushy deciduous shrub with rounded, deep reddish-purple leaves which become deep red in autumn. Small red-tinged pale-yellow flowers are followed by glossy red berries. It will grow in most soils and sun or partial shade. H 1.2m, S 1.2m.                 2L pot          £9.95


Betula nana 'Glengarry'

A prostrate dwarf birch with shiny, red copper-coloured bark and petite, scalloped leaves that turn red in autumn. H 1m, S 1m.                     1L pot          £5.50


Buddleia davidii 'Pixie Red'

A deciduous shrub with long arching branches tipped with long slender panicles of flowers which are a rich plummy-red. A must have addition for a wildlife friendly gardener, the highly fragrant flowers will encourage bees and butterflies into your garden. H 2-2.5m.               2L pot          £9.95

Buddleja ‘Lochinch’ AGM

A really lovely, compact Buddleja with well-formed, fragrant blue flowers and exceptional bushy foliage, white felted beneath, which looks good throughout the season. Plant in full sun and free-draining to poor soil. H 3m.                                  2L pot          £9.95


Buxus sempervirens ‘Blauer Heinz’  

Box plants with noticeably blue-green leaves and suitable for hedging or grown as a specimen. Tolerant of drought and shade once established.

H 2m, S 1m.                     3L pot          £10.95


Essential for the winter garden with their vibrant winter stems.

Cornus alba ‘Elegantissima’ AGM  

Hardy, deciduous shrub with two seasons of interest. Dark-red stems in winter, and in the growing season beautiful, oval, silvery grey-green leaves, irregularly margined and marked cream. Coppice in April for best stem colour the following year. H 1.4m, S 2m.                     3L pot          £10.95

Cornus alba ‘Sibirica’ AGM

Bright-scarlet stems in winter, less so in summer with its shiny green leaves and clusters of ivory-white berries. Combine with Molinia ‘Heidebraut’, Viburnum davidii, Hellebores and other winter garden favourites for winter interest. Coppice in April. H 1.4m, S 2m.                     3L pot          £10.95

Cornus kousa ‘Melanie’

A new cultivar with very attractive, sharp-white, variegated leaves, this is the best of several new cultivars introduced recently.

H 4m.                    12L pot           £25.00

Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’

Slender, vibrant, apricot-coloured stems turning bright coral at the tips with the onset of colder weather. Smaller and more refined than the Cornus alba types and tending not to respond so well to coppicing. Plant in groups for the best effect and good with winter grasses.

H 70cm, S 70cm.                     5L pot          £19.95

Cornus sericea ‘Flaviramea’ AGM

A robust, strong growing plant with vibrant green stems in winter. Tolerant of a wide range of conditions and will happily sit in wet ground, even coping with total submersion for a limited time. H 1.5m, S 1.5m.                     2L pot          £9.95



Cotoneaster adpressus 'Little Gem'

A beautiful low mounded groundcover shrub with dark green leaves on tightly held branches. Pinkish-white flowers appear in spring and an abundance of small bright red fruit from late summer into autumn. H 60cm, S 1.5m.                    9cm pot          £4.00


Euonymus alatus ‘Compactus’  

Dwarf version of the well know shrub with dense bushy habit, dark green leaves and curious winged bark that doesn’t look anything special in summer but is simply outstanding in autumn when the whole plant turns brilliant scarlet before leaf fall. Any well drained soil in full sun or light shade.

H 1.2m.                      2L pot          £9.95

Euonymus europaeus

Large conical shrub with brilliant autumn colour, bronzed purple-red leaves and red fruits with protruding seeds that have orange arils (fleshy seed coats). Any well drained soil in full sun or light shade. H 3m, S 3m.                    7.5L pot          £15.00

Euonymus fortunei ‘Emerald and Gold’    

Tough, well-known little evergreen shrub that is amongst the most adaptable around. Gold and green, rounded leaves on a compact plant succeed at brightening up the gloomiest of areas or in ‘lifting’ more sombre plants. They are shade and drought tolerant and look good all year round when used for groundcover massing or try as a slowly growing wall shrub. H 70cm, S 1.5m.                    1L pot          £5.50


Forsythia 'Gold Rush'

A deciduous shrub with mid-green leaves. Bright yellow flowers appear on bare stems in spring; the flowers are larger than average and appear slightly later in spring than other cultivars. H 1.5m, S 1.5m. 2L pot          £9.95


Fuchsia microphylla

This Fuchsia has tiny tiny leaves and miniscule flowers on upright branches. An unusual and colourful shrub which is great in containers for summer interest. I find it needs a bit of winter protection up here, but it can survive outdoors all year in a sheltered corner.

H 60cm, S 30cm.                   1L pot          £5.50


Gaultheria shallon

A dwarf evergreen shrub spreading indefinitely, with rounded leathery leaves, aromatic when crushed and turning reddish in winter. Small, bell-shaped white or pinkish flowers in summer are followed by scarlet berries in autumn and winter. H 50cm, S 1m.                    2L pot          £9.95


Hamamelis X intermedia ‘Arnold Promise’ AGM

A lovely cultivar with superb large, deep yellow flowers that appear fairly late in early spring on the bare wood. Originating at the Arnold Arboretum, USA in the 1960’s. Prefers acid to neutral humus rich soil and light shade. H 5m.                 5L pot          £48.00


Hebe buchananii ‘Minor’

A compact, spreading shrub covered in white flowers in early summer. With evergreen mid green leaves this plant is ideal for a trough, pot ot front of the border. H 10 cm, S 30cm.                       9cm pot          £4.00

Hebe ‘Great Orme’

A lovely shrub with narrow mid-green evergreen leaves. From mid-summer to autumn it produces spikes of bright pink flowers. A compact shrub for a more sheltered, sunny position. H 90cm, S 90cm.                     2L pot          £9.95            


Helianthemum nummularium

Spreading dwarf shrub with grey green leaves and yellow flowers like crepe paper. Flowering in early summer and thriving in well-drained alkaline soil in full sun. Ideal in alpine plantings and containers. H 25cm, S 25cm.                      9cm pot           £3.50

Helianthemum 'Bunbury'

This rock rose has bright rosy – pink flowers that appear in early summer and go on right through until August. Our plants in the nursery are always covered in flowers, a real eye-catcher! The plant is a neat mound with greyish evergreen leaves. H 20cm, S 30cm.                     9cm pot           £3.50


Hippophaea rhaminoides

A large deciduous shrub with narrow, willow-like, silvery leaves and thorny shoots. Flowers are very small and yellow. They are followed by small, bright orange berries on female plants in summer. Will easily cope with coastal or exposed conditions. H 6m.                     2L pot          £9.95


Hollies are invaluable plants for a wide range of situations and make excellent specimen trees or an excellent hedge for sheltering more tender plants. Their tough leathery leaves are salt tolerant, and the green varieties make a great backdrop for a host of more colourful plants.

Ilex aquifolium

“Holly” The native evergreen tree which feeds the birds with its berries and is well used at Christmas. In the garden it provides excellent hedging, makes a good structural plant and a good back ground to other plants in the border. H 6m, S 4m.                     2L pot          £9.95

Ilex aquifolium ‘Argentea Marginata’ AGM  

Dark green spiny leaves and broad white margination on a columnar female tree that bears abundant scarlet berries. Very attractive and eventually attaining a height of over 10m.           2L pot          £12.95

Ilex crenata ‘Convexa’

A slow-growing evergreen shrub with small, glossy, mid-green, convex leaves. With a compact habit it makes an excellent hedging or topiary plant and is an interesting and tougher alternative to Buxus (Box) bringing winter interest and structure to any garden. May also produce black berries in the late autumn. H 2.5m, S 1.5m.                    2L pot          £12.95


Mahonia media ‘Charity’

An upright evergreen shrub with pinnate leaves composed of up to 21 lance-shaped leaflets, and small, cup-shaped yellow flowers borne in erect, clustered terminal racemes to 35cm long in late autumn and winter. Good for pollinators. H 4m, S 3m.                2L pot          £12.95


Osmanthus delaveyi

A dense, slow-growing evergreen shrub with rounded, dark green leaves. Abundant small, highly-scented white flowers in clusters are followed by small, blue-black berries. Plant in sun or semi-shade. H 2.5m, S 2.5m.                       2L pot          £9.95


Parahebe catarractae ‘Delight’ AGM  

Easy and very pretty, dainty little shrub with serrated evergreen leaves and small lax spires of lilac blue and white flowers over a very long period. For full sun and shelter in free-draining soil. May need some winter protection. H 30cm, S 30cm.                    9cm pot          £3.50


Philadelphus 'Belle Etoile'

This lovely mock orange is smothered with highly fragrant, single, cup-shaped flowers in June and July. The delicious orange-blossom fragrance floats on the breeze on warm summer evenings. This compact is an essential, low-maintenance shrub for a sunny mixed border, and it can also cope with poor soil, urban pollution and salt-laden air. Height 1.8m.                 2L pot          £9.95

Philadelphus coronarius ‘Aureus’ AGM

Lovely compact shrub with fresh golden yellow leaves, especially in spring. In summer the plant produces clusters of single fragrant, creamy white flowers which are highlighted well by the foliage. Grow in semi-shade to prevent leaf scorch. H 1.5m, S 2m.                    3L pot          £10.95


Prunus incisa 'Kojo-no-mai'

A unique dwarf cherry with twisted stems providing all year-round interest. It is smothered in early spring with single pale pink flowers, fading to white and the small neat leaves turn orange in autumn. A delightful feature plant for a shrub or mixed border, highly suitable for small gardens.

H 2m, S 1.2m.                     2L pot          £12.95



Rhododendron 'Artic Tern'

A small Rhododendron with crowded trusses of pure white flowers with a slightly green throat. Leaves are light green and narrow. A most unusual late flowering compact dwarf for May-June. H 60cm in 10 years.                   5L pot          £19.95

Rhododendron (deciduous Azalea) ‘Berryrose’

Knap Hill and Exbury azaleas are vigorous deciduous azaleas mid-green leaves and good autumn colour. Berryrose has narrowly funnel-shaped salmon-pink, red-tubed flowers with a yellow blotch in throat that open in late spring. H 2m, S 1.5m.                  2L pot          £12.50

Rhododendron impeditum

A dwarf evergreen Rhododendron with small, aromatic leaves and widely funnel-shaped bluish-purple flowers in mid to late spring. Ideal for pots, front of the border or alpine plantings. H 60cm, S50cm.                  5L pot          £19.95

Rhododendron luteum (deciduous Azalea)

This Rhododendron has medium sized, lovely scented, pure yellow flowers from May to June. A deciduous shrub, the foliage turns brilliant autumn shades of red and orange before dropping off for winter. In spring new foliage can often be pink tinged as it emerges from the buds.

H 3m, S 2m.                      2L pot          £12.50

Rhododendron (Azalea) ‘Mother’s Day’

A spreading dwarf evergreen azalea with dark, glossy foliage, bronzed in winter, and rosy-crimson flowers 5cm wide, in late spring. Plant in partial shade and mist but well drained soil. H 60cm, S 60cm.                     2L pot          £12.95

Rhododendron (deciduous Azalea) ‘Persil’

Knap Hill and Exbury azaleas are vigorous deciduous azaleas mid-green leaves and large trusses of funnel-shaped flowers. The flowers of ‘Persil’ are white, 5cm wide, with a prominent deep yellow flare, opening in mid spring. H 2m, S 1.5m.                   2L pot          £12.50

Rhododendron (deciduous Azalea) ‘Satan’

Knap Hill and Exbury azaleas are vigorous deciduous azaleas and 'Satan' has mid-green leaves colouring well in autumn. Flowers trumpet-shaped, bright deep red, opening in spring from dark red buds. H 1.5m, S 1.5m.                    2L pot          £12.50

Rhododendron ‘Scarlet Wonder’

A compact evergreen Rhododendron with small dark, ribbed leaves and lax trusses of bright deep red flowers, with rather frilled corolla lobes, in mid-spring. Great at the front of the border for spring colour. H 1m, S 1m.                    5L pot          £19.95

Rhododendron 'Wren'

A prostrate, dwarf evergreen Rhododendron with glossy, dark green leaves which may turn bronze in winter whilst the young leaves have a reddish colour. Pale yellow, funnel-shaped flowers are borne freely in mid to late spring. H 1 m, S 50cm.                 5L pot          £19.95

Rhododendron yak 'Golden Torch'

A compact, evergreen shrub with neat foliage and rounded mounds of bell-shaped, pale yellow flowers, 5cm in width, opening from pink-tinged buds in late spring. Plant in partial shade. H 1.5m, S 1.5m.                   5L pot          £25.00


Ribes sanguineum 'Pulborough Scarlet'

A medium-sized, bushy deciduous shrub with aromatic leaves and drooping clusters of small, deep crimson flowers in summer, sometimes followed by small, bloomy black berries. Plant in sun and most soils. H 1.5m, S 1.5m.                    2L pot          £9.95


Rosa ‘Canina’

A vigorous arching deciduous rose with mid-green foliage and pale pink or white flowers 5cm across, either solitary or in small clusters, in early summer, followed by red fruits in autumn. H 3m.                     2L pot          £9.95            

Rosa glauca

A vigorous medium-sized rose with prickly, reddish stems bearing contrasting greyish purple leaves, and single, pale-centred, deep rose-pink flowers flowering in summer followed by almost spherical red hips in autumn. H 2m, S 2m.                    2L pot          £9.95

Rosa 'Alfred Carriere' climber

Gorgeous fragrant, fully double, white to pale pink flowers from July to September and light green leaves. This reliable, repeat-flowering, old climbing rose is ideal for a north-facing site. A popular and hardy climber since Victorian times, its slender, pliable stems are suitable for training over a rose-arch, fence or wall.                    4L pot          £11.95

Rosa 'Blanche Moreau' shrub

Lovely pure white full blooms open from buds covered with brownish moss. An upright shrub rose with dark green leaves.

H 1.2m, S 90cm.                    4L pot          £11.95

Rosa 'Sarah Van Fleet' shrub

Blooms on this rose are a clear mid pink with a centre of golden yellow stamens. Foliage is dark green on a bushy plant with plenty of thorns making this an ideal rose to use as a hedge. Very tough making it perfect for exposed gardens. Hardy. H 120cm, S 100cm.                4L pot                    £11.95

Rose 'Danse Du Feu' climber

A repeat flowering climbing rose with small clusters of slightly scented, dark red blooms produced repeatedly throughout the summer into the autumn. Foliage is an attractive green tinted bronze. Can be grown up a north facing wall. Hardy with good disease resistance.

H 300-450cm in height.                     4L pot          £11.95           

Rose 'Golden Showers' climber

Very useful large, semi-double, golden-yellow blooms, paling to light yellow; the petals then dropping quickly and cleanly. Flowers very freely and continuously. Extremely reliable in most climates and on north facing aspects.                    4L pot          £11.95

Rose 'Handel' climber  

This climber has dark stems and glossy, dark green foliage. The flowers are large, semi-double, silvery-white with pink and red markings on the petal edges and scented. H3.5m, S 2.5m.                     4L pot          £11.95

Rose ‘Iceberg’

This rose has large clusters of double, pure white flowers, sometimes tinged with pink in late summer. It flowers continuously from early in the season, often well into winter. H1.5m, S 1m.                     4L pot          £11.95

Rose 'Pretty Polly'

This is a very pretty Patio rose, with prolific clusters of small, lightly scented, loosely double soft pink flowers with deeper pink backs, covering the plant from late spring to the frosts. The foliage is healthy and glossy dark green, on a neat, domed plant. A favourite with bees.

H 50cm, S 50cm.                   4L pot          £11.95

Rose 'Velvet Fragrance'

A large flowering Hybrid tea rose with Intensely fragrant, old-fashioned beautiful blooms of deep velvet red are produced in large numbers throughout summer into autumn. Vigorous upright growing habit with good disease resistance. H 100cm, S60cm.                     4L pot          £11.95


Salix alba 'Golden Ness'

Grown for its superb winter stem colour as the name suggests, a glorious golden colour in winter. These stems give the best colour if the plant is coppiced each spring. It looks particularly good when planted alongside streams or ponds and is ideal for use in a winter garden or with black or dark purple plants for a real colour contrast. H 10m, S 8m.                    2L pot         £9.95

Salix gracilistyla 'Melanostachys'

I love this willow for its dark catkins in late winter and spring which open to white, red and black. Very gothic! Despite its messy growth habit, it is worth growing along-side a pond or stream for those catkins. Cut back every three to four years to help its shape, H 3m, S 3m.                    2L pot         £9.95


Sambucus racemosa ‘Black Lace’

Stunning, eye-catching elder with lacy, filigree, very dark purple foliage and corymbs of pinkish, frothy flowers in spring. Will attain a height of 2.5m but can be coppiced regularly to promote more of the fresh, young growth, in sun or light shade and any reasonable soil. If you are a lover of Japanese maples but have a windy or exposed garden, then this is the one for you! H 2.5m, S 3m.            2L pot         £12.95


Sarcococca confusa

“Sweet Box”. A bushy evergreen shrub with glossy, deep green, wavy ovate leaves and in winter, inconspicuous, very sweetly scented, creamy-white flowers, followed by glossy black berries. A great shrub for the winter garden. H 2m, S 1m.                  2L pot         £12.95


Skimmia japonica 'Kew Green'

A compact, dome-shaped shrub with dense clusters of fragrant, creamy-white flowers in April and May and aromatic, pointed, mid-green leaves. Perfect for illuminating a shady shrub border or woodland garden. Requiring little routine pruning, it's useful for pollinating female skimmias planted close by.

H 1m S 1.5m.                      2L pot         £12.95

Skimmia japonica 'Rubella'

A small, bushy evergreen shrub with dark green, elliptic leaves and panicles of red buds, showy in late winter, open to fragrant white flowers in early spring. Ideal for containers or the front of a border. H 1m, S 1m.                    2L pot         £9.95


Spiraea x arguta

“Bridal wreath” A plant from my child hood garden, planted for its profuse white, spring flowers. Ideal for growing towards the back of the border, where it can make a soft green background for other plants after its lavish spring display of pure white flowers in neat crowded clusters. Bushes tolerate hard pruning, which helps keep the spreading growth to more manageable proportions. H 2.5m, S 2.5m.                     3L pot          £10.95



Syringa meyeri ‘Paladin’

This syringa has abundant panicles of fragrant, lavender pink flowers in late spring and early summer and oval, dark green leaves. Korean lilac is ideal for a sunny, well drained shrub or mixed border. Compact and slow growing it's perfect for the smaller garden or where space is limited.

H 1.5m.  2L pot          £12.95


Ulex europeus

“Gorse” The native shrub with dense, dark green shoots and vicious spines giving the appearance of an evergreen. From March to May and often late summer a dazzling feast of colour is given by the fragrant pea-like vibrant yellow flowers. It thrives in poor, dry acid soils, but suitable for any well drained soil. Sunny position. H 2.5m, S 2.5m.                    9cm pot          £3.50


Viburnum carlesii

A dense, bushy, deciduous shrub with ovate, toothed dark-green leaves that often turn red in autumn. Rounded clusters of white, fragrant flowers emerge from pink buds in spring and are followed by black fruits. H 2m, S 2m.                    5L pot          £25.00

Viburnum davidii AGM   

Architectural, low domed shrubs with glossy evergreen, ribbed leaves, red petioles, white flowers and metallic blue berries on female plants in winter. Prefers light shade and moist soil and continues to look good throughout the year. Really beautiful when covered in winter rime.

H 1.2m, S 1m.                    2L pot          £12.95

Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum 'Mariesii'

A large deciduous shrub with wide-spreading, tiered branches and prominently veined, dark green, ovate leaves, purple in autumn. Large lacecap heads of white flowers in late spring are occasionally followed by red, later black fruit. H 2.4m, S 2.5m.                2L pot          £12.95

Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price'

A large bushy evergreen covered with white flowers through winter, which makes this an ideal specimen for the garden. Flowers are pink in bud and the plant will tolerate shade.  A great all-round plant as they say. H 3m, S 2m.                     2L pot          £9.95

Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’

Another winter flowering shrub, producing scented pink flowers through the winter months on bare stems. Deeply veined leaves cover the shrub through spring and summer, often with good autumn colour. H 2.5m, S 1.5m.                    2L pot          £12.95

Viburnum x burkwoodii

A lax evergreen shrub with glossy dark green, ovate leaves and highly fragrant white or pale pink flowers in mid and late spring. Plant in sun and most soils. H 2.5m, S 1.5m.            2L pot          £12.95


Vinca minor

A carpeting, evergreen plant that is extremely tolerant of dry shade with attractive single blue flowers over nice dark green leaves. Great ground cover for bankings and shady places. H 10cm, S 1m.                      2L pot          £7.00       

Vinca minor f. alba ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ AGM  

A white star in the deep gloaming! Carpeting, evergreen plant that’s extremely tolerant of dry shade with attractive, single, white flowers over nice dark-green leaves, April to Sept. H 10cm, S 1m.                     2L pot          £7.00           

Vinca minor 'Flore Plena'

A carpeting, evergreen plant that is extremely tolerant of dry shade. Slightly different from the species with attractive double blue flowers over nice dark green leaves. Great ground cover for bankings and shady places. H 10cm, S 1m.                    2L pot          £7.00


Yucca filimentosa 'Variegata'

The variegated foliage of this evergreen shrub will provide year-round interest and structure in borders or pots. Ideal for sunny, sheltered spots, where once established, it will cope with drought. H 1.5m, S 75cm.                     3L pot         £10.95




Acer platanoides AGM

A large, round headed, fast-growing tree with five-lobed bright green leaves turning an amazing butter yellow and sometimes orange in autumn. Tolerant of pollution and very hardy. H 25m, S 5m.                     10L pot           £25.00  


Alnus cordata

A conical tree with glossy dark green leaves. Pendent yellow-brown male catkins open in January to March before the leaves. Plant in Full sun. Excellent fast-growing tree. H 25m, S 6m.                    30L          £69.95


Amelanchier lamarkii AGM

A super little tree with beautiful coral pink leaves and a profusion of small white flowers in spring. This is followed in autumn by a spectacular display of orange and red autumn finery. Will tolerate wet soil. Excellent for small gardens giving colour in spring and autumn.

H 4m, S 2m.                     10L pot          £25.00


Tough, graceful trees that are tolerant of a wide range of conditions, including exposure and poor soils.

Betula papyrifera

A vigorous, narrowly upright birch from North America with peeling, whitish-pink bark, bronze when young, and long, pendulous male catkins in spring. The leaves turn orange and yellow in autumn. H 20m.                    7.5L pot          £15.00

Betula pendula AGM

Our indigenous silver birch is a beautiful and graceful tree that has much to commend it as a garden tree. Peeling, white bark with darker fissures on the trunk and stems, gives rise to pendent, purplish, twiggy stems. Perfect used as a specimen tree, in group planting or as a screen. Leaves turn yellow in autumn. H25m.                    3L pot          £9.95

Betula ‘Royal Frost’

A stunning tree with rich royal-purple leaves, a conical, upright habit and excellent, pure-white, peeling bark in time, although initially cinnamon-flushed. The leaves turn buttery-yellow in autumn. H 10m.                    10L          £45.00

Betula utilis var. jacquemontii  

The Himalayan birch is a wide-spreading tree with lovely, peeling, copper-brown bark on younger specimens before turning pure white on more mature plants. Green leaves turning yellow in autumn enhance the effect. For sun or light shade in moist but well-drained soil. Invaluable in the winter garden. Light up at night from beneath for an arresting focal point. Multi-stem specimen trees. H 20m.                     20L pot           £45.00

Betula utilis ‘Wakehurst Place Chocolate’

A rare, and very beautiful, variety of the Chinese birch with large, oval, glossy, dark-green leaves, yellow-brown in autumn, and unusual, peeling, rich chocolate-brown bark that looks superb in winter. H 15m.                    12L pot          £45.00


Corylus avellane ‘contorta’

“Corkscrew hazel”. This hazel grows into a large deciduous shrub or small tree with highly contorted and twisted branches. The leaves are broadly ovate and pendent yellow male catkins appear in late winter and early spring; useful for winter flower arrangements and very attractive in winter.

H3m, S 3m.            5L pot         £35.95


Nyssa sylvatica AGM

Broadly conical with drooping lower branches. Glossy, dark-green leaves and stunning autumn colour of rich scarlet, orange and yellow. Lovely small tree for the smaller garden with it’s fabulous autumn colour. H 20m.                    5L pot           £20.00


Prunus 'Amanagawa'

A small Japanese flowering cherry with a very columnar habit making it ideal for smaller gardens. In late April and May almond scented double pink flowers appear. Grow in full sun and well drained rich soil. H 6m, S 2m.                    10L pot          £48.00

Prunus 'Fragrant Cloud'

This lovely flowering cherry produces masses of semi-double white flowers that fade to pink as they age. Flowering in May they also have the bonus of being scented. A strong growing tree that doesn’t get too big, making it ideal ofr smaller gardens. In Autumn the leaves turn bronze and orange.

H 6m.                    10L pot          £48.00       

Prunus 'Kursar'

A small deciduous tree with a spreading habit. Leaves are coppery when young, turning deep orange in autumn. Single vivid deep pink flowers 1.5cm in width are borne in profusion. H 7m, S 6m.                   10L pot          £48.00

Prunus 'Pink Perfection'

A small, spreading flowering cherry with clusters of frilly, double pink flowers in spring. The foliage is bronze and green in spring, turning mid green then with bursts of red and orange in autumn. Tolerant of most soils except very wet. H 5m.                    10L pot          £48.00

Prunus serrula

One of my favourite small trees with its outstanding smooth and shiny bark which makes it a great specimen to grow for autumn and winter interest. Small white flowers appear in late April. Grow in sun to illuminate the bark. H 10m.                    20L pot          £48.00

Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis'

A beautiful small tress that flowers on and off from November to March, although I find on our more expose hill it doesn’t start flowering until January at the very earliest. Its white or pink flowers appearing up the branches adding interest to the garden on dark winter days. It usually has good autumn.

H 8m.                    10L pot          £35.00



Sorbus ‘Joseph Rock’ AGM

Beautiful yellow-berried rowan with spectacular autumn finery. For sun or light shade in moist well drained soil. H 8m.                    20L pot          £48.00


Zelkova serrata

“Japanese Elm”. A deciduous tree with a short trunk and large crown of branches. Covered in alternate leaves and insignificant flowers in summer. Worth growing for something a wee bit different. H 30m.                     5L pot          £15.00

Molinia caerulea subsp. caerulea 'Variegata'