Trees and Shrubs

The Quirky Bird says:

Trees and shrubs add height, all year interest and structure and form to the garden, providing habitat for birds and wild life. Even in winter when perennials have died down they provide interest especially if you choose evergreens, plants with interesting, colourful bark or berries and cones.

Trees and shrubs are available  from 1 litre up to trees 45 litre pots. They can be planted at any time of year as long as the ground isn’t frozen or water logged. In summer water plants regularly until established.

Below is our current list of trees and shrubs in stock. There will be variations as plants sell out or propagation is not successful, please use this as a guide and not a definative list. It is imposible to keep it updated all the time through the year along side all the other nursery work that needs done. With nearly 100 new additions across the whole plant list hopefully you will find something for your own garden. There are other pot sizes available for some of them and some plants are not listed as we have limited numbers. If you are looking for something not on the list, please get in touch.

I will be adding more trees and shrubs in the spring once I know what other plants we will have available.



Abutilon 'Ashford Red'

A tall shrub best in a pot here where it can be moved indoors for winter. Though I have seen some survive outdoors all year in a very sheltered spot in Scotland. Producing large red bell-shaped flowers in summer and often all year round this tall plant is deciduous but I find mine keeps some leaves through winter in the heated greenhouse. H 3m, S 3m.                   2L pot          £13.95


Amelanchier lamarkii AGM

A super little tree with beautiful coral pink leaves and a profusion of small white flowers in spring. This is followed in autumn by a spectacular display of orange and red autumn finery. Will tolerate wet soil. Excellent for small gardens giving colour in spring and autumn.

H 4m, S 2m.                   2L pot          £15.95


Berberis darwinii

Clusters of small, nodding, orange-yellow flowers appear in mid- and late spring, followed by bluish-purple autumn berries. This upright, evergreen shrub has small, spiny, dark green, holly-like leaves and is useful to fill a difficult spot in the garden, provided it has space to spread out. It also makes a good informal, flowering hedge. Vigorous and easy to grow, it often produces a second flush of flowers in autumn.                    2L pot          £12.95

Berberis x stenophylla

Vigorous shrub with, spine-tipped dark green leaves. Clusters of deep yellow flowers appear in April and May, followed by blue-glaucous, black fruits. Plant in full Sun or partial Shade. H 3m, S 5m.                    2L pot          £13.95

Berberis thunbergii

A spiny medium-sized deciduous shrub of compact habit. Leaves turn red and orange in autumn. Flowers are yellow, flushed red followed by glossy bright scarlet berries in autumn. Grow in full sun or partial shade in most soils. H 120 cm, S 120cm.                     2L pot          £13.95

Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea 'Red Chief'

A small upright shrub with branches that arch as it gets older.  The stems are bright red and the narrow leaves are a deeper red.  Grown as a foliage plant, it does however have small pale-yellow flowers and glossy red fruit. H 80cm, S 1m.                    2L pot          £12.95


Betula nana 'Glengarry'

A prostrate dwarf birch with shiny, red copper-coloured bark and petite, scalloped leaves that turn red in autumn.

H 1m, S 1m.                   1L pot          £7.00


Buxus sempervirens ‘Blauer Heinz’  

Box plants with noticeably blue-green leaves and suitable for hedging or grown as a specimen. Tolerant of drought and shade once established.

H 2m, S 1m.                     3L pot          £12.95

Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa’ AGM

Dwarf box is the one for you if you want to create a knot parterre in your front garden! Used for centuries in formal gardens of all shapes and sizes. To 50cm unclipped.                    9cm pot          £4.00


Chaenomeles speciosa ‘Nivalis’

The seldom-seen white-flowering quince is an old, vigorous cultivar dating from the late 1800s and has beautiful, pure flowers that are very effective on a north wall. These are followed by the usual golden-yellow fruits in sun or shade. H 3m, S 3m..                 3L pot          £15.95

Chaenomeles × superba 'Knap Hill Scarlet'

A lovely cultivar with large cup-shaped scarlet flowers and golden yellow anthers from early spring into summer. Green inedible fruits ripening to golden yellow follow these. Good on a north wall. H 1.5m, S 2m.                3L pot          £15.95

Chaenomeles x superba ‘Pink Lady’ AGM

A low-growing plant with bright candy-pink flowers that are an arresting, almost unexpected colour to see on the plant in spring in sun or light shade. H 1.5m, S 2m.                     3L pot          £13.95


Cornus alba ‘Elegantissima’ AGM  

Hardy, deciduous shrub with two seasons of interest. Dark-red stems in winter, and in the growing season beautiful, oval, silvery grey-green leaves, irregularly margined and marked cream. Coppice in April for best stem colour the following year. H 1.4m, S 2m.                3L pot          £15.95

Cornus alba ‘Sibirica’ AGM

Bright-scarlet stems in winter, less so in summer with its shiny green leaves and clusters of ivory-white berries. Combine with Molinia ‘Heidebraut’, Viburnum davidii, Hellebores and other winter garden favourites for winter interest. Coppice in April. H 1.4m, S 2m.                 2L pot          £13.95

Cornus sericea ‘Flaviramea’ AGM

A robust, strong growing plant with vibrant green stems in winter. Tolerant of a wide range of conditions and will happily sit in wet ground, even coping with total submersion for a limited time. H 1.5m, S 1.5m.                 2L pot          £13.95


Cotoneaster adpressus 'Little Gem'

A beautiful low mounded groundcover shrub with dark green leaves on tightly held branches. Pinkish-white flowers appear in spring and an abundance of small bright red fruit from late summer into autumn. H 60cm, S 1.5m.                   9cm pot          £4.00


Enkianthus campanulatus

A large deciduous shrub of elegantly erect habit, with small elliptic leaves turning a wonderful bright red, orange and yellow in autumn. Clusters of small cream, reddish, bell-shaped flowers from late spring to mid-summer. The combination of fantastic flowers and autumn colour make this a must have.

H 3m.                     3L pot        £17.95


Euonymus alatus ‘Compactus’  

Dwarf version of the well know shrub with dense bushy habit, dark green leaves and curious winged bark that doesn’t look anything special in summer but is simply outstanding in autumn when the whole plant turns brilliant scarlet before leaf fall. Any well drained soil in full sun or light shade.

H 1.2m                   2L pot          £14.95

Euonymus europaeus

Large conical shrub with brilliant autumn colour, bronzed purple-red leaves and red fruits with protruding seeds that have orange arils (fleshy seed coats). Any well drained soil in full sun or light shade. H 3m, S 3m.                    2L pot          £13.95

Euonymus fortunei ‘Emerald and Gold’    

Tough, well-known little evergreen shrub that is amongst the most adaptable around. Gold and green, rounded leaves on a compact plant succeed at brightening up the gloomiest of areas or in ‘lifting’ more sombre plants. They are shade and drought tolerant and look good all year round when used for groundcover massing or try as a slowly growing wall shrub. H 70cm, S 1.5m.                    1L pot          £7.00


Fothergilla major

A compact medium-sized deciduous shrub with glossy, broadly oval leaves glaucous beneath and turning brilliant red and orange in autumn. Flowers small, white, in short spikes before or with the leaves. H2m.                  2L pot          £14.95


Fuchsia microphylla

This Fuchsia has tiny tiny leaves and miniscule flowers on upright branches. An unusual and colourful shrub which is great in containers for summer interest. I find it needs a bit of winter protection up here, but it can survive outdoors all year in a sheltered corner.

H 60cm, S 30cm.                                       1L pot          £7.00


Gaultheria procumbens

A dwarf evergreen shrub spreading indefinitely, with rounded leathery leaves, aromatic when crushed and turning reddish in winter. Small, bell-shaped white or pinkish flowers are followed by scarlet berries. H 50cm, S 1m.                 2L pot          £12.95


Helianthemum nummularium

Spreading dwarf shrub with grey green leaves and yellow flowers like crepe paper. Flowering in early summer and thriving in well-drained alkaline soil in full sun. Ideal in alpine plantings and containers. H 25cm, S 25cm.                      9cm pot           £3.50

Helianthemum 'Bunbury'

This rock rose has bright rosy – pink flowers that appear in early summer and go on right through until August. Our plants in the nursery are always covered in flowers, a real eye-catcher! The plant is a neat mound with greyish evergreen leaves. H 20cm, S 30cm.                     9cm pot           £4.00


Ilex altaclerensis ‘Golden King’ AGM  

Lovely dark green rounded leaves with irregular rich golden yellow leaf margins are characteristic of this female holly. Produces red berries if pollinated by a male holly. Wonderful as a large specimen shrub or when grown as a hedge. 6m                2L pot          £14.95

Ilex aquifolium ‘Ferox Argentea’

Unusual male holly that is a good pollinator for female hollies with pale cream variegated leaves that bristle with tiny spines all over the leaf surface. Quite eye-catching and very slow growing. H 6m.                2L pot          £14.95

Ilex aquifolium 'Silver Van Tol'

An evergreen tree or shrub with glossy, with almost spineless, ovate, dark green leaves edged creamy-white. Self-fertile, so the small, white flowers in late spring are followed by red berries without the need of a pollinating partner. H 6m.               2L pot          £14.95

Ilex x meserveae ‘Blue Princess’  

Free flowering female holly with distinctive toothed green leaves becoming ‘blue’ in colder weather. Berries appear in autumn. For sun or partial shade and shelter. H3m, S3m.                                      1L pot          £7.00

Ilex crenata ‘Convexa’

A slow-growing evergreen shrub with small, glossy, mid-green, convex leaves. With a compact habit it makes an excellent hedging or topiary plant and is an interesting and tougher alternative to Buxus (Box) bringing winter interest and structure to any garden. May also produce black berries in the late autumn. H 2.5m, S 1.5m.              2L pot          £13.95


Kerria japonica 'Flore Pleno'

A vigorous suckering medium-sized deciduous shrub with light green leaves. Solitary bright yellow, double flowers appear from mid-spring. Grow in sun or partial shade and most soils. H3m, S2m..              2L pot          £13.95


Lonicera nitida 'Baggesens Gold'

A wonderfully dense evergreen. Its colourful foliage is a pale yellow in summer and a warm bronze in winter. Golden Shrubby Honeysuckle looks fantastic when clipped into a neat form to create a dense hedge or mounds of foliage as a feature in the garden. H2m, S1.5m.                    2L pot           £13.95


Magnolia stellata AGM  

Lovely, elegant shrub with starry, white flowers emerging from silky buds and produced in great profusion before the leaves in spring. For good, moist, humus-rich, preferably acid soil in sun or light shade. Will tolerate alkaline soils and suitable for growing in a large planter. 3m.             3L pot          £19.95


Mahonia aquifolium

An evergreen thicket forming shrub with leathery, glossy green, spiny leaves often flushed purple red in colder weather. Clusters of sweetly smelling clear yellow flowers in late winter are followed by blue black berries with a white bloom. Tough and easy in any soil even dry shade.

H 1.5m, S 2m.                     2L pot           £13.95


Osmanthus burkwoodii AGM  

Dense evergreen rounded shrub with leathery, dark green leaves and tiny profuse tubular white, very fragrant flowers that cover the bush in spring. Sun and well-drained soil in a sheltered position. Good in the winter garden as a foil for coppiced Salix, Cornus or winter grasses. See it in our scented garden. H 2.5m, S 2.5m.                     2L pot           £14.95


Pachysandra terminalis ‘Green Sheen’

Essential groundcover for dry shade beneath shrubs and trees. Evergreen leaves topped by short spikes of white flowers in spring form an extensive carpet in the right conditions. H 25cm, S 1m.               2L pot          £9.00


Philadelphus 'Lemoine'

A compact, upright, piladelphus with arching branches bearing ovate, mid- to dark green leaves and racemes of strongly fragrant, cup-shaped, white flowers in summer. H 1.5m, S 1.5m.             2L pot          £12.95

Philadelphus ‘Manteau de Hermine’ AGM

A dwarf cultivar with very fragrant, large, fully double creamy white flowers with an intoxicating fragrance in mid-summer ovr nice dark green leaves. Good for groundcover massing or around a sunny patio. H 75cm.             2L pot          £12.95

Philadelphus 'Virginal

In June and July this lovely deciduous shrub is smothered with highly fragrant, double, pure white flowers among dark green leaves. Plant it where you can enjoy the delicate, orange-blossom fragrance that floats on the breeze. It is a magnet for bees and can also cope with urban pollution and salt-laden air. H3m, S2.5m.              2L pot          £13.95


Pieris 'Mountain Fire'

A well known variety with new spring growth emerging bright red and slowly transforming through shades of copper to its final deep green colour. The densely crowded panicles of cream flowers appear between March and May, attracting pollinating insects to the garden. Good for year round colour and structure to the garden. H 2m, S 1.5m.            2L pot          £12.95


Prunus incisa 'Kojo-no-mai'

A unique dwarf cherry with twisted stems providing all year-round interest. It is smothered in early spring with single pale pink flowers, fading to white and the small neat leaves turn orange in autumn. A delightful feature plant for a shrub or mixed border, highly suitable for small gardens. H 2m, S 1.2m.           2L pot          £12.95


Rhododendron dwarf 'Baden Baden'

A small, evergreen Rhododendron forming a mound shape with dark red, waxy flowers in small trusses in late spring or early summer.

H1.5m, S 1.5m.                 2L pot          £12.95

Rhododendron dwarf 'Blue Diamond'

Blue Diamond is a slow growing evergreen shrub growing to about 1.5m tall and wide with small glossy-green aromatic foliage and clusters of violet-blue flowers. The leaves turn copper bronze during the winter. Blue Diamond is a slow growing evergreen shrub with small glossy-green aromatic foliage and clusters of violet-blue flowers. The leaves turn copper bronze during the winter. H1.5m, S 1.5m.                2L pot          £12.95

Rhododendron dwarf 'Molly Ann'

Flowers on this dwarf Rhododendron are funnel-shaped, 2" across and rose pink with small spots in mid spring. The leaves are eliptica and the plant is very compact and dense. H 1m, S1m.                2L pot          £12.95

Rhododendron azalea japonica 'Panda'

A low evergreen azalea forming a neat mound of mid-green foliage with pure white flowers are produced in late spring.

H 50-100cm.                2L pot          £12.95

Rhododendron 'Cunninghams White'

A robust evergreen Rhododendron with dark green foliage and loose trusses of funnel-shaped white flowers opening from mauve buds in late spring. H 2m, S 2m.                2L pot          £12.95

Rhododendron hybrid 'Christmas Cheer'

A dense, compact evergreen shrub that flowers in late winter and early spring. It produces rounded trusses of 4.5cm long, funnel-shaped, very pale pink flowers from darker pink buds. One of my favourite Rhododendrons. H 2.5m, S 2.5m.                2L pot          £12.95

Rhododendron (Azalea) ‘Mother’s Day’

A spreading dwarf evergreen azalea with dark, glossy foliage, bronzed in winter, and rosy-crimson flowers 5cm wide, in late spring. Plant in partial shade and mist but well drained soil. H 60cm, S 60cm.                 2L pot          £12.95

Rhododendron (Azalea) ‘Palestrina’

A compact evergreen azalea with bright-green young foliage contrasting with dark older leaves. Widely funnel-shaped white flowers, 5cm in width, with green speckling in the throat are borne freely in late spring. H 1.2m, S 1.2m.                2L pot          £12.95

Rhododendron yak 'Golden Torch'

A compact, evergreen shrub with neat foliage and rounded mounds of bell-shaped, pale yellow flowers, 5cm in width, opening from pink-tinged buds in late spring. Plant in partial shade. H 1.5m, S 1.5m.                 2L pot          £12.95

Rhododendron 'Percy Wiseman'

A compact evergreen shrub with glossy, dark green foliage and rounded trusses of pink-flushed, cream flowers fading to creamy-white from mid-spring. H 2m, S 2m.                2L pot          £12.95

Rhododendron 'Sappho'

A large, evergreen shrub to with dark foliage and compact trusses of white flowers in early summer, each with a bold blackish-purple flare.

H 3m.                2L pot          £12.95


Ribes ‘Koja’

A compact, upright shrub with lobed, aromatic leaves and drooping clusters of dark crimson red flowers in spring, sometimes followed by bloomy black fruit. A cultivar of the “Flowering current” this is an excellent shrub for early colour in the garden.                     2L pot          £13.95


Rosa glauca

Rosa rugosa shrub

Blooms on this rose are a clear mid pink with a centre of golden yellow stamens. Foliage is dark green on a bushy plant with plenty of thorns making this an ideal rose to use as a hedge. Very tough making it perfect for exposed gardens. Hardy. H 120cm, S 100cm                  3L pot          £13.95

Rosa spinosissima (Burnet Rose)

this lovely species rose is a small, freely suckering shrub with prickly stems bearing neat, fern-like foliage, and cupped, single creamy-white flowers in early summer. Followed by spherical black hips which provide great winter interest. H 1.8m, S 1.5m                   2L pot          £13.95

Rosa shrub 'Blanc Double De Coubert' shrub

My favourite rose with large, semi-double, fragrant flowers of pure white, tinged with blush in the bud. Flowers early, repeating almost throughout the season. A few hips in autumn. The plants I have for sale in the nursery are cuttings from the plant in the nursery gardens. That plant was propagated from the one I had in my last garden, which I planted when we moved there. That plant was propagated from the one I planted in my parents garden in the mid 1980’s which was propagated from the plant growing in Inveresk Gardens where I did my YTS year with the National trust for Scotland. Hows that for plants provenance? H 2m, S 2m.                    2L pot          £13.95


Rubus 'Benenden'

A vigorous medium-sized deciduous shrub with arching branches, attractive peeling bark and three-lobed leaves. In late spring and early summer, pure white flowers 5cm in width have a boss of deep yellow stamens and appear down the stems. Grow in sun or partial shade in most soils.

H2.5m, S2.5m.                       2L pot          £13.95

Rubus rolfei

An evergreen mat forming, far reaching shrub, rooting as it spreads its wrinkly palmate leaves over the surface. White flowers in summer are followed by yellow ageing to orange fruit. Plant in sun or shade any well drained soil. H 30cm.                  1L pot          £7.50


Salix alba 'Chermisina'

Grown for its beautiful, orange stems in winter. Narrow green leaves in summer. To 2.4m coppiced. Any soil in sun or light shade.

Will grow in wet soil.                        2L pot          £15.95

Salix gracilistyla 'Melanostachys'

I love this willow for its dark catkins in late winter and spring which open to white, red and black. Very gothic! Despite its messy growth habit, it is worth growing along-side a pond or stream for those catkins. Cut back every three to four years to help its shape, H 3m, S 3m.                    2L pot         £13.95

Salix lanata

A bushy, slow-growing small deciduous shrub with rounded, silvery-woolly leaves. Male catkins stand above the branches to 5cm, beginning silvery then becoming yellow. Female catkins are longer and greener. Grow in sun to partial shade in most soils. H 1.3m, S 1m.                    2L pot         £13.95


Sambucus racemosa ‘Black Lace’

Stunning, eye-catching elder with lacy, filigree, very dark purple foliage and corymbs of pinkish, frothy flowers in spring. Will attain a height of 2.5m but can be coppiced regularly to promote more of the fresh, young growth, in sun or light shade and any reasonable soil. If you are a lover of Japanese maples but have a windy or exposed garden, then this is the one for you! H 2.5m, S 3m.                   2L pot         £12.95


Sarcococca confusa

“Sweet Box”. A bushy evergreen shrub with glossy, deep green, wavy ovate leaves and in winter, inconspicuous, very sweetly scented, creamy-white flowers, followed by glossy black berries. A great shrub for the winter garden. H 2m, S 1m.                   2L pot         £14.95


Skimmia japonica 'Kew Green'

A compact, dome-shaped shrub with dense clusters of fragrant, creamy-white flowers in April and May and aromatic, pointed, mid-green leaves. Perfect for illuminating a shady shrub border or woodland garden. Requiring little routine pruning, it's useful for pollinating female skimmias planted close by.

H 1m S 1.5m.                   1L     £7.50


Sorbus reducta

A dwarf, suckering sorbus with leaves composed of up to 15, toothed, glossy dark green leaflets, turning purple in autumn. Small clusters of white flowers are followed by pink to white fruits. A slow growing, fabulous plant worthy of an alpine trough or front of a border.

H 1m after many years.                 2L pot         £14.95


Spiraea x arguta

“Bridal wreath” A plant from my child hood garden, planted for its profuse white, spring flowers. Ideal for growing towards the back of the border, where it can make a soft green background for other plants after its lavish spring display of pure white flowers in neat crowded clusters. Bushes tolerate hard pruning, which helps keep the spreading growth to more manageable proportions. H 2.5m, S 2.5m.                     3L pot          £15.95



Staphylea pinnata

A very large, upright shrub or small tree with dark green leaves composed of five to seven pointed, oval leaflets. Long, hanging clusters of fragrant, bell-shaped, white flowers tinged with pink, appear in late spring and early summer followed by pale green, inflated fruit. Plant in sun or semi-shade in most soils. H5m, S5m.                   3L pot         £15.95


Stephanandra tanakae

A deciduous thicket forming shrub with arching stems bearing sharply 3-lobed mid-greenleaves which turn yellow, orange or purple in autumn, and greenish cream flowers produced in panicles in summer; the orange-brown stems are attractive through the winter.

H 2.5m, S 2.5m.            2L pot         £13.95


Syringa meyeri ‘Paladin’

This syringa has abundant panicles of fragrant, lavender pink flowers in late spring and early summer and oval, dark green leaves. Korean lilac is ideal for a sunny, well drained shrub or mixed border. Compact and slow growing it's perfect for the smaller garden or where space is limited.

H 1.5m.           2L pot         £14.95

Syringa vulgaris 'Mme Lemoine'

Dense panicles of fabulously fragrant, double white flowers appear in May and June over heart-shaped, green leaves. This lilac is perfect for a sunny mixed border. Growing a late-summer flowering clematis through the branches is a good way of enhancing the shrub after it has flowered. See it in our new scented garden. H 7m, S 3m.                      2L pot         £15.95


Viburnum tinus

A large bushy evergreen with white flowers through winter, which makes this an ideal specimen for the garden. Flowers are pink in bud and the plant will tolerate shade.  A great all-round plant as they say. H 3m, S 2m.                  5L pot          £35.95

Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’

Another winter flowering shrub, producing scented pink flowers through the winter months on bare stems. Deeply veined leaves cover the shrub through spring and summer, often with good autumn colour. H 2.5m, S 1.5m.            2L pot         £14.95

Viburnum x juddii

A lovely, bushy medium-sized deciduous shrub with dark green, broadly ovate leaves and sweetly fragrant creamy-white flowers opening in domed trusses from deep pink buds in mid and late spring.

H1.5m, S 1.5m.                  2L pot          £14.95


Vinca minor

A carpeting, evergreen plant that is extremely tolerant of dry shade with attractive single blue flowers over nice dark green leaves. Great ground cover for bankings and shady places. H 10cm, S 1m.                      2L pot          £9.00       

Vinca minor 'Argenteovariegata'  

Carpeting, evergreen plant that is suitable for dry shade under trees. Pretty lavender flowers in spring and summer and lustrous green and silver leaves.

H 15cm, S 1m.                      2L pot          £9.00

Vinca minor 'Azurea Flore Pleno'

A carpeting, evergreen plant that is extremely tolerant of dry shade. Slightly different from the species with attractive double blue flowers over nice dark green leaves. Great ground cover for bankings and shady places. H 10cm, S 1m.                    2L pot          £9.00


Weigelia 'Middendorffii'

An upright, deciduous shrub with bright green leaves and bell-shaped, pale yellow flowers in late spring to early summer, often with conspicuous throat markings that vary from light yellow-orange to dark orange-red. H 1.5m, S 1.5m                   3L pot         £13.95




Acer platanoides 'Crimson King'

A purple leaved cultivar of the Norway Maple, Acer platanoides. Like the species, this tree has discrete yellow flowers that appear in spring and contrast fantastically with the dark purple foliage which gradually turns to maroon over the growing season then on to red in the autumn.

H10m, S 8m.                         15L               £59.00

Acer platanoides 'Crimson Sentry'

Because of its narrowly upright habit, this handsome Norway maple will make an excellent specimen tree for a medium-sized garden. Covered in crimson-coloured leaves throughout the summer, these turn shades of red, brown and orange in the autumn before they are shed. A robust plant, it's tolerant of pollution and will thrive on almost any soil. H12m.                         15L               £59.00

Acer platanoides 'Drummondii'

A handsome, round-headed tree which is the best variegated Norway maple available. Foliage turns dark green as it matures, but maintains its creamy-white outer edges. In autumn, the foliage turns orange before dropping. Copes well with pollution. H 12m, S 12m.                         15L               £59.00


Alnus glutinosa

"Alder" (Allertree, Aar – Scots native) A deciduous tree, broadly conical in habit when young, with grey-purple buds and young catkins conspicuous in winter. Rounded bright green leaves. Good for wet areas and shade. H 12m.                    3L pot          £15.95


Tough, graceful trees that are tolerant of a wide range of conditions, including exposure and poor soils.

Betula pendula AGM

"Silver Birch" (Birk, Birken tree – Scots native) Our indigenous silver birch is a beautiful and graceful tree that has much to commend it as a garden tree. Peeling, white bark with darker fissures on the trunk and stems, gives rise to pendent, purplish, twiggy stems. Perfect used as a specimen tree, in group planting or as a screen. Leaves turn yellow in autumn. H25m.                    3L pot          £15.95                  15L       £59.00

Betula utilis var. jacquemontii  

The Himalayan birch is a wide-spreading tree with lovely, peeling, copper-brown bark on younger specimens before turning pure white on more mature plants. Green leaves turning yellow in autumn enhance the effect. For sun or light shade in moist but well-drained soil. Invaluable in the winter garden. Light up at night from beneath for an arresting focal point. H 20m.                  15L       £59.00


Crataegus laevigata 'Rosea Flore Pleno'

Similar growth habit to other culivars but with double pink flowers in late spring. A small thorny tree of rounded habit, with small, lobed, glossy leaves.

H 4-8m.                 15L       £59.00

Crab Apples

As well as being highly decorative with an extremely long season of interest (flower, foliage & fruit) these are ideal pollinators for Apple trees – plant one to ensure you have good and reliable crops in your orchard. Well known for making Apple Jelly, they contain high levels of both vitamin C and pectin.

Malus ‘Evereste’ AGM

A conical tree with dark green, lobed leaves and large, soft pink to white flowers in spring with small red and yellow fruits that hold well into winter and an excellent pollinator for apples.  H 3m.                15L       £59.00

Malus 'Golden Hornet'

A small deciduous tree bearing white flowers in late spring followed by a profuse crop of bright, deep yellow fruits 2.5cm in length, which persist well into winter. Excellent all year interest and good for the birds. H 8-12m.                15L       £59.00

Malus ‘John Downie’

A vigorous small deciduous tree with profuse white flowers opening from pink buds. Fruits abundant, bright red and orange-yellow in autumn.

H 10m, S 5m.                15L       £59.00

Malus ‘Red Sentinel’

This is a medium-sized deciduous tree with single white flowers 3cm in width, followed by clusters of cherry-like, glossy, deep red fruits 2.5cm wide which persist well into winter. H 7m.                15L       £59.00

Malus crab apple 'Royalty'

A spreading deciduous tree with ovate deep purple leaves reddening in autumn, and clusters of purplish-red flowers in spring, followed by small, deep purple fruits in autumn. H 6m. S 5m.                15L       £59.00


Morus nigra AGM

“Round and round the Mulberry bush on a cold and frosty morning”, I hear you chant and now you really can! The Black mulberry is a rarely grown, hardy tree north of the border with ovate, toothed green leaves and clusters of unusual, bramble-like edible fruit that turn from green through red to black.  The plant prefers well drained moist soil in full sun and shelter from cold drying winds. 8m                   2 L pot          £15.95


Prunus 'Amanagawa'

A small Japanese flowering cherry with a very columnar habit making it ideal for smaller gardens. In late April and May almond scented double pink flowers appear. Grow in full sun and well drained rich soil. H 6m, S 2m.                            15L       £59.00

Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’ AGM

A neat round-headed tree with purple leaves and stems throughout the growing season. Myriads of small, pale pink flowers appear in late February and early March and make a nice contrast with the coloured foliage. H 5m.               15L       £59.00

Prunus ‘Kanzan’

A medium-sized deciduous tree which is stiffly vase-shaped when young, later spreading, with coppery-brown young foliage and vivid purplish-pink double flowers 5cm in width opening from crimson buds. A gorgeous tree when in flower in late spring. H 8m, S 8m.               15L       £59.00

Prunus 'Pandora'

A small deciduous tree with a neat, vase-shaped crown and leaves bronze when opening, then dull orange in autumn. Single, pale pink flowers 3cm in width borne in profusion in spring. A pretty flowering cherry. H 8-12m.               15L       £59.00

Prunus serrula

One of my favourite small trees with its outstanding smooth and shiny bark which makes it a great specimen to grow for autumn and winter interest. Small white flowers appear in late April. Grow in sun to illuminate the bark. H 10m.                              15L       £59.00

Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis'

A beautiful small tress that flowers on and off from November to March, although I find on our more expose hill it doesn’t start flowering until January at the very earliest. Its white or pink flowers appearing up the branches adding interest to the garden on dark winter days. It usually has good autumn.

H 8m.                 15L       £59.00


Pyrus salicifolia ‘Pendula’

One of my favourite trees. An elegant small deciduous tree with slender weeping branches, narrow greyish leaves and creamy-white flowers followed by small, brownish fruits. Makes a beautiful specimen tree in a lawn, great for kids hiding in. Please don’t make them into lollipops. They are beautiful if left to grow naturally. H 10m.               15L       £59.00


Sorbus ‘Joseph Rock’ AGM

Beautiful yellow-berried rowan with spectacular autumn finery. For sun or light shade in moist well drained soil. H 8m.              15L       £59.00

Sorbus 'Pink Pagoda'

The best pink berries of all Mountain Ash which go beautifully with the attractive blue-green pinnate foliage which turns to intense red and orange in autum. In May-June, fluffy white corymbs of flowers appear which are popular with honey bees. The berries which follow emerge rose pink in big bundles, before turning paler pink in the winter. A fairly compact tree with a bushy habit. H6m, S3m.              15L       £59.00

Sorbus vilmorinii

A small, spreading deciduous tree with fern-like leaves with many small leaflets turning purple in autumn. Flat heads of creamy-white flowers followed by crimson fruits fading to near-white. A lovely small tree for small gardens. H 2.5–4 m.              15L       £59.00


Molinia caerulea subsp. caerulea 'Variegata'