Nursery and Gardens

The nursery  and gardens are situated at the top of a slight slope on a series of terraces wrapped around the cafe of Whitmuir the Organic Place. It has open views towards the Pentlands, gets the sun on the lower terraces and is sheltered from the worst of the winds by a windbreak of trees to the west.

The gardens are made up of the lower and middle terraces and their bankings. These are awash with wild flowers through the year and we plan to interplant with lots of interesting and tough perennials and grasses to give continuity of colour, interest, texture and movement through out the year. I have a lot of plans and ideas including herb gardens, potagers, native plants and prairie plantings. These will compliment the existing wild flowers, the ethos of Whitmuir and our design and plant interests too. Of course these plants also have to be tough enough to cope with conditions here which means they should grow with you too. Hardy and interesting plants for Scottish gardens, a local nursery for local gardeners.

On either side of the track to the nursery two narrow beds have previously been planted up, these include plants for dry shade and plants that will cope with our exposed site and clay soil. We have also taken  over a large flat area to the North of the nursery which is grass and fruit trees at the moment. We have used this to extend the stock beds so customers have access to plants and can see the range we have available.

The sales area at the moment occupies  the first area of the top terrace where we have filled it with our made to measure, recycled from pallets sales tables. These  hold flowering, seasonal and interesting plants, as well and herbs and fruit, shrubs and trees and a table for native plants and alpines. The small shade tunnel for shade lovers (and shade loving plants too!) is now up and David has created a water feature which incorporates the tubs for the aquatic plants for sale. This will add another dimension to the sales area with a fountain and bench where you can relax, enjoy the views and the sound of running water.

In 2017 we developed the first half of  the middle terrace by creating a big scented border that leads into a formal herb garden. The herb garden is made up of small beds and gravel paths leading you through culinary, medicinal and household herbs to a seating area at the end. I’m looking forward to growing and using herbs again, something I haven’t done in a long time. The scented garden is accessed on a slab path winding it’s way up through vibrant plantings of scented shrubs, perennials, grasses and annuals. There is a seating area where you can enjoy the buzz of the bees and the heady scent of sweetpeas when they are in flower.

In 2017 David and I were married in the herb garden (no pressure to get it ready then!) All our friends and relatives loved the outdoor wedding, the setting and the quirkyness of it. If you fancy getting married in this kind of setting get in touch with us for costs, etc.

Salvias, vintage and recycling

Ragged Robin growing on the terraces

Leucanthemum and Aquelegia

Alpines in the sales area

Perennials in the sales area

The sales area bursting with summer colour

Entrance to Quercus

The stream garden

Bulbs and violas for spring

Wee shop items at the Art and Craft Fair

Wild flowers in the Wildlife garden

Sales area

Asters and Persicarias in the gardens

Colour in the new trays

The vertical Planter seating area

Sweetpeas from the scented garden

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Part of  the wee shop

A seat in the sun to enjoy the views

Geums, Achilleas and Nepeta make a good combination

Plant lists for the borders in the nursery

Perennal border in the stock beds

The Herb Garden

The Scented Garden

The Herb Garden

Plant lists for the Herb garden

Borders in the stock beds

The Scottish Native Garden